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Pasadena FD Recruiting Firefighter Trainee Postions

The Pasadena, California Fire Department is conducting an Fire Fighter Trainee recruitment. The Trainee position is the position that individuals are assigned while they are in a 16 week training tower. They will then be assigned as a Fire Fighter. I have attached the website where applications can be electronically filled out. The application period is May 11 to 24, 2007.

Designing for Fire

WebWire | Designing for Fire
The World Trade Center disaster in September 2001 focused attention on the danger of fire in tall buildings. "Tall buildings are often explicitly designed to withstand high winds and earthquakes but fires have not been as well considered," says Martin Gillie of the School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh.

When a fire breaks out, structural materials expand as they are heated. This leads to high forces that cause walls and floors to bow and warp. Most buildings are not designed to withstand these additional forces and may collapse. If a structure can remain upright, it buys valuable time for people to escape and also allows the fire service and other emergency workers to operate more safely. But the behaviour of structural materials, especially concrete, in a fire is an area of uncertainty. This latest experiment takes a step towards remedying that lack of knowledge.

Baby Girl Killed In West Philadelphia Fire - Baby Girl Killed In West Philadelphia Fire
This fire was started by two children, 3 & 5 yrs old, playing with matches on their bed. Neither of the two smoke detectors in the home was missing a battery, the other had a battery but it was dead.
The family didn't have an emergency escape plan...and although the two adults and the two children made it one remembered the 14 month old baby-- who ulitmately died in the fire.

Sunday, April 29

History of the Black Firemen on the Los Angeles Fire Department, 1897 to 1956

History of the Black Firemen on the Los Angeles Fire Department, 1897 to 1956
From the Los Angeles Fire Department Historyical Archives I found this web site that chronicles the history of Black Firefighters through 1956.
Here is an excerpt:
Fire Station No. 14

On November 2, 1936, twelve years after the segregation of Engine 30 the white firemen were removed from Fire Station 14 and it also became all-black. Angry at being removed from their station, the whites trashed the building with garbage and fecal matter. The Battalion Chief ordered them back to clean up their mess.

Click on the link above to read the rest.

San Diego Firefighter has polite response to mayor > News > Gerry Braun -- Firefighter has polite response to mayor
San Diego's firefighters, like its sports teams, are learning to ride the fickle waves of public opinion.

Not that long ago, firefighters were so popular that our elected officials kept dressing up to look like them. Recall that as the Cedar fire raged, four council members appeared before the media in identical yellow turnout coats.

A fashion faux pas? Hardly.

Sept. 11,2001, had transformed firefighters into the new astronauts, and politicians were their groupies. San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy wore his yellow coat so often, and so far from the fire lines, that he called to mind a trick-or-treater who insists on sleeping in his Batman costume.

San Diego has a new mayor now – and don't the firefighters know it.

Jerry Sanders inherited a fiscal crisis created by the city's play-now-pay-later philosophy, and part of his solution is holding the line on salaries.

That's not as easy as it sounds – especially when dealing with public safety employees, whom the public regards as selfless and heroic and council members respect for the power of their endorsements.
This year, Sanders caved to the cops, who were quitting the force in droves to take better-paying jobs in other cities. After going without for years, police officers got modest pay raises.

He wasn't about to do the same for firefighters and paramedics, though. They aren't making an exodus, in part because, unlike cops, they generally lose seniority when they join a new department.

Here's how Sanders made the case against them: “Pay raises, in my opinion, should be based on market rate.” Here's what people heard: Why give raises to employees who work only 10 days a month and make $100,000 a year doing it?

Read the article by clicking the link above and see how the firefighters respond to this question. I think you will find it interesting!

Children in Ninth Avenue fire face a painful road to recovery

Oshkosh Northwestern - Children in Ninth Avenue fire face a painful road to recovery
Dad attempted suicide by fire. He died. The children lived.
From the moment her mom walks in the room and begins taking the bloody bandages off, Ariel Stussy screams. She hits, kicks and flails her arms, trying to make her make her mom stop.

“Stop! You’re hurting me,” she screams.

While Tena Riste is inflicting pain on her 6-year-old daughter, it’s a necessary pain.
Ariel Stussy is undergoing burn care, a treatment aimed at helping heal the wounds she suffered last summer in a Ninth Avenue fire that badly burned the girl and her brothers, Zachary and Randy Jr.

Their father, Randy Stussy, died in the fire. His death was ruled a suicide. Authorities believe he intentionally started the blaze.

Three times a week, Riste administers burn care on her daughter. During the treatment, bandages are removed and Riste has to scrub the dead skin off her daughter’s legs before applying ointment and changing bandages.

It’s a painful process. And although Ariel has the option of taking pain medication before the treatment, Riste said it doesn’t help numb the pain her daughter feels.

“When I first had to do this, it was extremely hard, because I wasn’t the disciplinarian,” Riste said. “And at first there was a lot of crying, but I knew I had to stop and do it.”

The July 5 fire left the three Stussy children with burns covering their bodies. Zachary, 9, was the most badly injured, with burns covering 75 percent of his body. Burns covered 40 percent of Ariel’s body and Randy Jr., 11, had wounds covering 20 percent of his body.

Child-Play Sparked Fire that Killed Bronx Grandmother

1010 WINS - On-Air, Online, On Demand - Child-Play Sparked Fire that Killed Bronx Grandmother
NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Authorities say a 7-year old boy playing with a lighter caused a house fire that killed a grandmother in the Soundview section of the Bronx.

Relatives say 87-year-old Carmen Davila, who lived in a basement apartment, was preparing for her daughter’s surprise birthday party when the flames erupted.

Officials say a man and a 17-year old girl jumped from a third-story window to escape the fire. Their fall was broken by an aluminum awning on the first floor, and they walked away uninjured.

Davila was rushed to Jacobi Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 4:03 pm.

Family members said she had 20 grandchildren.

Fire codes put heat on Home Depot

Inside Bay Area - Fire codes put heat on Home Depot
SAN CARLOS — Home Depot may be able to help you remodel your kitchen, but according to vigilant shoppers and the fire marshal, they could have trouble keeping you safe from a fire.

The fire lanes surrounding Home Depot's store — on Old County Road at Brittan Avenue — have long been clogged with stacked wooden pallets, dismantled store shelving and overstock merchandise, such as bags of garden soil and a hot tub, according to eyewitnesses. Furthermore, they say, the store takes up dozens of parking spaces on the sides and back of the building with the same, most of it haphazardly stacked and unsecured.

On Tuesday a resident contacted the Times after noticing floral displays constructed out of concrete blocks in the fire lane on the north side of the building.

According to International Fire Code, there must be a 20-foot-wide open lane around the entire perimeter of the building to allow a firetruck access in case of a fire or other emergency. On Wednesday a reporter could just barely pass a regular-size sedan around the building's south side due to tarps, pallets and other items cluttering the thruway.

Saturday, April 28

"Stand by your Pan".....What to do in a Kitchen Fire- Today Show

Click here to watch the video of a kitchen fire demonstration that aired on the Today show. Good tips! Nice demo!!

Firefighting: Inside the Fire

Go face-to-face with the red devil in this amazing firefighting video trailer produced by filmmaker Lou Angeli. You can almost feel the heat as the camera follows firefighting teams into the thick of action. This clip runs 2:25.

Safety violations contribute to firefighter death

Display Story
BALTIMORE (AP) - Mistakes and safety violations played a role in the death of a Baltimore firefighter in the line of duty last fall.
That's according to a preliminary investigative report obtained by The (Baltimore) Sun.

Allan Roberts was killed last October while fighting a fire at a rowhome in east Baltimore. The report says firefighters were spraying water on the flames in the back of the home when Roberts and others went in through the front.

The fire turned the water into steam, increasing the heat inside the building. The report says it's "unacceptable and dangerous" to use hoses to try to extinguish a fire from the exterior while firefighters are attacking it inside.

It says Roberts struggled to get air flowing from his oxygen tank and pulled his mask off. He collapsed unconscious and later died.

Friday, April 27

4-year-old starts duplex fire that injures his mother > News > Metro -- 4-year-old starts duplex fire that injures his mother
A simple case of "monkey see- monkey do"
The boy accidentally started the fire which spread to a mattress in a back bedroom of the duplex on Clay Avenue at South 29th Street about 7:20 p.m., said San Diego fire spokesman Maurice Luque. It was knocked down in about 10 minutes.

The boy's mother was burned and the fire spread when she tried to drag the mattress outside the home, Luque said. Two of her sons, ages 7 and 15, as well as her 12-year-old nephew, were home at the time and were able to escape without injury.
Luque said that the young boy was apparently watching his cousin starting toys on fire in the yard the day before and was trying to copy him, Luque said.

Damage was estimated at $200,000 to the building and $50,000 to its contents.

The 4-year-old and the 12-year-old will have to attend a mandatory junior fire-setting program, Luque said.

Family die in home fire

The News-Press: Local & State
SATSUMA -- A man and his wife, and two of their children died in a mobile home fire in Putnam County overnight.

The fire happened on Oklahoma Avenue in Satsuma, just south of Palatka.

Relatives identified the victims as Keith and Roxanne Comer, and their children, Keith Comer Jr.,3, and Ryan Blackwelder, 10.

Weston Weeks, 10, is being treated for second-degree burns to his face and arm. Two others are being treated for smoke inhalation at the Putnam County Medical Center, and two are hospitalized in good condition at Shands Gainesville.

Fire investigators say ten people from two families lived at the home. Kelsey Comer, 5, managed to escape unharmed when the fire started just after 2 a.m.

Firefighters say Keith Comer saved children by throwing them out the window of the burning home before collapsing in the fire.

"They found him by the window with the baby in his arms," said Frances Maynard.

It took fire crews more than two hours to get a handle on the fire. They say an additional roof built on top of the roof of the mobile home is just one of the reasons it took firefighters so long to get to the blaze.

House fire fatalities drop in Australia

House fire fatalities drop - Breaking News - National - Breaking News
The number of fatalities from house fires in NSW has dropped for the first time in five years, the state government says.

Emergency Services Minister Nathan Rees said 19 people died in house fires attended by the NSW Fire Brigade in 2006, compared to 39 in 2005, 36 in 2004, 30 in 2003 and 31 in 2002.

The drop coincides with new smoke alarm laws, which came into effect in May, making owners of buildings where people sleep responsible for ensuring smoke alarms are installed and maintained.

The laws were introduced after 13 people, including seven children, died in house fires in a two-week period in 2005.

Tribe's arsenal of fire equipment helps neighbors

Tribe's arsenal of fire equipment helps neighbors
How cool is this?
Casino profits allow the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux to protect themselves as well as other south-metro cities. Tribal officials say it's part of a Sioux culture of giving.
More than 20 years ago, the tribe barely had money for roads, much less brand-new fire equipment. The financial success of Mystic Lake Casino has allowed tribal officials to start a fire department with 30 part-time and full-time employees and 15 volunteers. They also have three ambulances and three fire trucks, including an 11-story aerial truck, that is used on the 2,800 acre reservation as well as in surrounding south-metro cities.

Aurora Fire Chief Placed On Leave Following Investigation

Aurora Fire Chief Placed On Leave Following Investigation - News Story - KMGH Denver
Golfing on duty and buying a Blackbery for his mistress seem to have something to do with his current work status...

Thursday, April 26

Intelligent Wireless Firefighter System (FIRE)

An overview of the FIRE system presented at the 2006 WIRED NextFest exhibition. The system tracks the location and condition of firefighters using miniature wireless sensors. Presented by the Discovery Channel. Aprox. 4 mins.

Controlled Demolitions Click this link to watch "The Wrecking Ball" from the History Channel starring Alice Cooper. Demolition- implosions and more things that go BOOM. They blow up all kinds of buildings and things...this video runs aproximately 1 hour.

Funny Fire Hose Rodeo Jackass 2

This video is by request (Thursday class!) Enjoy it! (As much as one can enjoy a video that ends w/rectal bleeding.) WARNING: ADULT CONTENT

Guess who wasn't paying attention during firesafety class?

Another Unsuccesful Stunt - Click here for the most popular videos
Another WTF??? moment. Did these dufus's (or is that dufi?) really think they wouldn't get burned? In any case --you would think that at least one of them would have remembered to freakin' STOP DROP & ROLL!!! Apparently not. Submitted for your enjoyment. Some dumb-ass teenagers w/a camera, a lighter and some gasoline. Dare I say it? Kids, DON'T try this at home!

Homeless "Shantytown" burns to the ground

Miami-It all started with an unattended candle....
This is a really interesting story, the shantytown, made up of shacks housing the homeless, was created in part as a political protest for affordable housing. Many residents that were displaced by the fire, still do not want to leave the area.
The fire apparently started in a shack near the center of the village at Northwest 62nd Street and 17th Avenue when a candle tipped over, said Ignatius Carroll, a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman. The man who lived in the shack had gone out for the night but had left the candle burning, other residents said.

Jonathan Baker, who was one of the first to move into the village when protesters took over the land on Oct. 23, saw a spark coming from the shack just past midnight, he said. He went over to see what was happening and found a mattress engulfed in flames. He tried to stamp it out.

But the fire quickly raged out of control. It spread from wood shanty to wood shanty, then ignited at least three propane tanks used for cooking. The tanks exploded.

Within minutes, the flames circled around the property, consuming the 20 shanties, Carroll said. Seven fire trucks responded to the village at 12:15 a.m. and had the blaze under control in 15 minutes.

At one point the flames climbed 100 feet and nearby apartment buildings had to be evacuated because of intense heat and smoke.

For more information about the origins of this "shantytown", click here.

Wednesday, April 25

Hospitalized firefighter snuffs fire in next room

Hospitalized firefighter snuffs fire in next room
Talk about taking the job home w/you!! This firefighter was in the hospital after being injured in a fire. Another patient who was receiving oxygen decided to have a smoke...after hearing the code Red he his hospital fight the fire!

New LAFD incident adds fuel to the fire

LA Daily News - New LAFD incident adds fuel to the fire
Turns out there was yet ANOTHER incident. The Chief delivers the "State of the LAFD" speech after serving 100 days as Fire Chief. He maintains the problem is with only a few members. He has announced a "zero-tolerance" stance on horseplay, hazing and other bad behavior. But will his actions back up his talk?

Among the messages he is asserting: "Your job is in jeopardy by engaging in those behaviors."

No one has been placed on leave so far in either of the two most recent investigations. Jerry Thomas, an LAFD captain and regular critic of the department who is currently on leave, said Barry has to mean what he says.

"Once the facts bear everything out and the members are afforded due process, you got to hold them accountable," he said. "You've got to start terminating people. The Fire Department shouldn't condone that behavior."

Firefighters left waterless in Texas high school arson fire

Firefighters left waterless in Texas high school arson fire

What if you had a fire in a high school (say it isnt so!)--an ARSON fire no less (who would've thought it could happen there?)....and there were NO FIRE HYDRANTS!! WTF??? Who allowed that????
Firefighters from 21 fire departments in three counties fought the early morning blaze, often bringing water more than two miles from Needville because the rural school site had no fire hydrants.

Tuesday, April 24

Job openings

City of Sacramento
Fire Prevention Officer 1
Fire Prevention Trainee-Salary: $3,266.00 - $3,429.00 monthly $39,192.00 - $41,148.00 annually
Fire Recruit Salary: $16.67 - $16.67 hourly

Colton- Fire Safety Specialist Salary: $3,743 - $4,550

Riverside- Fire Safety Inspector I/II $3853 - $5422

Man Rescued When A Firefighter Fell Over Him

Man Rescued When A Firefighter Fell Over Him
Blind luck?
"The first officer in the building actually tripped over him," Eydenberg said. Severely burned and suffering from smoke inhalation, the man is recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital, Eydenberg said.

Fire at 'Batman' filming scene downtown

Metromix. Fire at 'Batman' filming scene downtown: "Fire"
Holy smokes Batman!! The ventilation system is on fire!!

Monday, April 23

Community calls for strict enforcement of fire codes

News Leader - Fernandina Beach, Florida (Amelia Island)
This editorial is written in response to the allegations of Fire Marshal Bunch that the City Manager retalliated against him for strictly enforcing the fire code when inspecting city projects. Seems that the citizens are all for city employees having a "positive helpful attitude". But they are even more concerned that the fire codes are being strictly enforced....
Given the choice, we'd prefer strict enforcement of fire codes, especially on city property - where the offender is another city department - and especially when it involves children in day-care or after-school programs.

For the backstory, click here.

Richard Simmons - Steamer Fire

Richard Simmons gets .... steamed....on Letterman! Hey..was this steamer UL approved? Just wondering...

Man ignited gasoline in elevator to kill self, ex-girlfriend

WHDH-TV - New England News - Man ignited gasoline in elevator to kill self, ex-girlfriend
Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Raymond Echavarria. He was so distraught when his girlfriend broke up w/him...he went to the place she worked at...and waited for her to come back from lunch...with her 5 year old. Then he pulled her into an elevator where he dumped a can of gasoline and ignited the vapors. The elevator exploded..with both of them in it...while the 5 year old watched.

Woman Sets Herself, Pal's Privates Aflame

Woman Sets Herself, Pal's Privates Aflame
Wow! This story totally gives new meaning to the term "Fire Crotch"!!!
She doused the front of his pants w/lighter fluid and lit it...then caught her own clothing on fire! They say it was a "domestic disturbance". Ouch.

10 yr old boy dies in fire at grandparents’ Hartford home

West Bend boy dies in fire at grandparents’ Hartford home
Fire started on the couch where Grandpa was sleeping. The article mentions that
"The neighbors and firefighters all made some very strong efforts to try to save the child," Schmidt said. "Every-one did what they could."

They certainly did what they could to save the child...after the fire broke out...but what about before the fire started? Where were the smoke detectors ($5 each)....and what about an escape plan (a conversation...maybe 10 minutes of practice)? The life of a grandpa and grandson....well you know....priceless. Another tragic learning opportunity.

L.A. Fire Inspectors: State Agency Failing to Clear Brush L.A. Fire Inspectors: State Agency Failing to Clear Brush
Why cant we all just get along? What happens when the state snubs the locals jurisdictions...

Sunday, April 22

Mickey The Fire Cat

Some cats chase rats...not Mickey...he chases fire! Watch this very old video of Mickey the Fire Cat sliding down a pole and going to a fire! 1:22

Terrible Car Accident - Drifting Goes Wrong

Wow!!! Drifting is not the smartest hobby one can about human gotta see this one!

Many Fire Volunteers Fail To Stay Safe

Many Fire Volunteers Fail To Stay Safe
New York - An emergency radio scanner crackles. An alarm sounds. Fire police officers suit up, jump into their vehicles and rush to the scene. The only problem is that fire police, and their fellow firefighters, often forget to do the very thing they ask of other drivers -- buckle their seat belts.
Then, instead of being the rescuers, they can become the victims.

Take the case of Edgar Scott, a 75-year-old Menands volunteer fire police captain, who died when his box-van collided with a propane tanker while making a U-turn on Interstate 787. Scott, who was not wearing a seat belt, was tossed from his vehicle.

A seat belt mandate is not on the books for fire departments in New York. Actually, the state is one of 37 that does not mandate seat belt use for all firefighters, according to 2003 figures from Critical Incident Stress Management Perspectives Inc., a training and consulting practice that prepares fire departments for deaths among its membership.

The state's seat belt laws include an emergency responder exemption that excuses firefighters and fire police from buckling up. According to the Fireman's Association of the State of New York, the exemption exists because every second counts and being held up by a seat belt could cost a life.

But the anti-seat belt use rationale could be deeper than that. Members of fire departments believe they are immune to injury, said Daniel McGuire, president of Critical Incident, which was recently hired by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs to give three-hour workshops to every county in New York until 2008.

"They think nothing is going to happen to (them)," he said. "There's a real machismo attitude."

That occurs against a backdrop of New York having more on-duty fatalities overall than any other state last year. Fourteen died, accounting for 13.3 percent of deaths nationwide, the national fire administration reports. From 2001 to 2006, there were 59 on-duty fatalities in New York (excluding deaths during the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001).

Among fire service deaths nationally, some 25 percent occur when firefighters and fire police are responding to or returning from incidents, the national fire administration reports.

In a November 2003 poll by -- a Web site used by firefighters and fire chiefs -- more than 11,000 people responded to the topic of seat belt usage. Forty-five percent answered they don't wear seat belts at all times when responding to emergencies. In the same poll from April, 36 percent of 8,000 people said they don't wear seat belts.

For a graphic reminder watch this video

Fire district may expand duties: Menlo Park wants fire officials to have more say in construction of safe homes

Palo Alto Daily News
The city of Menlo Park is looking to give the local fire district more authority in reviewing new and remodeled homes, a move that will add a step in the approval process, but will also enhance fire safety, officials with the district and city say.

Starting May 1, the Menlo Park Fire Protection District will review plans for all proposed single-family homes, new basements, remodels that increase square footage by more than 50 percent, accessory structures bigger than 1,000 square feet and gates across driveways.

The fire district will look specifically at water flow, fire hydrant location and how readily crews can enter a property with trucks and hoses. The district plans to charge $190 for each review, which will take up to three weeks. Residents can pay $300 for an expedited review, which will take less than a week.

Saturday, April 21

L.A. Fire Department Probes Alleged Hazing

Fire Department Probes Alleged Hazing | News | KTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives
The Los Angeles City Fire Department is investigating allegations that a young African American firefighter found his locker at a North Hollywood station vandalized in a racist manner in recent days.

Although top officials with the city's fire and police departments would not disclose the nature of the incident at Fire Station 89 because of the internal investigation, others familiar with the probe said the rookie firefighter opened his locker to find a banana and his clothing -- including his uniform -- covered with a white lotion or foam.

To date, the sources said, one firefighter has acknowledged being involved in the incident, although no one has been disciplined pending the outcome of the investigation.

"The Fire Department has zero tolerance for any kind of behavior that involves hazing, racial discrimination or mistreatment of people," Battalion Chief Kwame Cooper said late Friday. "So we are actively and aggressively investigating this incident to determine the details of what happened. We are taking it very seriously and will take appropriate action when our investigation is complete."

Matt Szabo, press secretary for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, said the department's "swift and thorough" response was "evidence that the zero tolerance policy of the mayor and chief is taking effect and that the culture of the Fire Department is changing."

Blue Angel Crash: Pilot Dies

Charleston, SC - News - Blue Angel Crash: Pilot Dies It happened during training exercises.
One pilot is dead after a navy Blue Angel jet crashed during an air show in Bueaufort and plunged into a small neighborhood. Witnesses say the planes were flying in formation around four this afternoon when one dropped below the trees and crashed. Here's what we know so far: authorities say several homes were damaged, but did not catch fire. They say eight people on the ground were injured. Navy officials say they will work overnight to secure the crash site because of possible hazardous materials.

mythbusters diet coke and mentos scene + more

5:35 Science fun you can have at home!

Friday, April 20

Local Bar Deals With Fire Code Violations - News

Local Bar Deals With Fire Code Violations - News
The Fire Marshal urges students to take responsibility for their own safety, explaining if it is difficult to move around, maybe it is time to leave.

Live-Fire Training a Hot Button Issue at FDIC

Live-Fire Training a Hot Button Issue at FDIC - News: "Firefighter"
No industry including the U.S. Army allows 13 percent of their worker fatalities to die while in training. Why does the fire service accommodate those numbers year after year?

Fresh on instructors' minds was the Feb. 9 death of Baltimore firefighter trainee Racheal M. Wilson, as well as several other well-known tragedies from other parts of the country. Teachers chose different ways to examine live-fire training -- the issue is rapidly becoming controversial -- but in every session they were clear: death during training is unacceptable.

20 homeless after apartment fire

The Maneater - 20 homeless after apartment fire
This fire injured firefighters, apparatus and equipment. It started in the the time it was reported and firefighters arrived it was

Thursday, April 19

Fire Marshal taking the heat

News Leader - Fernandina Beach, Florida (Amelia Island)
Is it the Fire Marshals's attitude, or is he just doing his job? Did the City Manager expect him to look the other way? Can enforcement be done w/o pissing people off? Maybe there is a little truth in both sides of the story...

Man sets himself on fire in Long Beach City Hall

Man sets himself on fire in Long Beach City Hall - Los Angeles Times
An unidentified man walked into Long Beach City Hall this afternoon and set himself on fire, prompting an evacuation of hundreds of people from the downtown high-rise.

Witnesses saw the suspect, described as being in his 40s or 50s, walk into the main entrance of the building about 3:30 p.m. carrying a plastic shopping bag, said Mike Duree, spokesman for the city's Fire Department. The man dropped the bag, then set himself ablaze, Duree said. The bag is being examined by bomb experts.

Wednesday, April 18

Tribute to Virginia Tech Students

A tribute to the victims of the massacre April 16, 2007. Music by Remy Zero.

Firefighter saves Snowball

News Sun :: News :: Firefighter saves Snowball
Does a Snowball have a chance in hell? Well this one did! Thanks to the Waukegan firefighters and their resusa-doggy masks!

Former Forest Grove firefighter pleads to misconduct charge over forged inspection reports Breaking News Updates: Former Forest Grove firefighter pleads to misconduct charge
25 year firefighter forged his fire inspection reports and was caught. Not only is he losing his job, but has been facing charges of criminal misconduct. Turns out- forged inspections and "drive-by" or "windshield" inspections, (ALLEGEDLY) is a way of life for the FGFD--and they claim they have never been trained in the area of fire prevention or how to conduct an inpsection. Click here to read the firefighter's website in which all of the dirty laundry is being aired! Politics or not, the firefighters resume is posted on the website. He is FF I & II ---so I really question the "I've never been trained correctly" excuse. Really -what happened is that this has been the way things have been done for a long time, and has been overlooked until he made someone mad.

Follow your SOPs do things right and remember, those fire inspections are about PREPLANNING and creating a safe environment to escape fire (for the occupants) and to fight fire (for the responders). It is easy to get caught up in the "culture" to be one of the "guys" and take the short cuts. But really....if a fire department is willing to pay you professional wages ...are you ready---and willing--- to act like a professional?

Do your job right. Then take the time to prove it!

House Fire Kills Infant Girl: Parents, Firefighters Unable To Save Her

House Fire Kills Infant Girl: Parents, Firefighters Unable To Save Her
Another tragedy.
Skyler's parents, Michael Lindley and Missy Rushing, both 18, awoke at about 6 a.m. to their one-story house engulfed in flames, investigators said. They fled out the front door to the lawn before realizing the baby was still sleeping in a carriage. Their desperate attempt to re-enter the home and retrieve her failed.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Joe Crawford said it appeared the father had a chance to get Skyler on his way out but "passed" by her.

"With heavy smoke in there, you can be disoriented by smoke," he said.

Health Advisory Issued As Georgia Fires Grow

Health Advisory Issued As Georgia Fires Grow - Local/Florida News Story - WJXT Jacksonville
WAYCROSS, Ga. -- A fast-moving "monster" fire in southeastern Georgia has blackened 25,000 acres of forest, destroyed nearly a dozen mobile homes, chased people out of nearly 1,000 homes and blanketed more than 100 miles with thick smoke.

A 2,300-acre fire burning within 4 miles of Fargo Wednesday morning has prompted Mayor Robbie Lee to ask everyone in the city of 300 to evacuate.

Tuesday, April 17

Pennsylvania Fire Truck Crash Injures Four

Pennsylvania Fire Truck Crash Injures Four - Photo Stories
A crash involving a fire truck and an SUV sent four people to the hospital Sunday in Susquehanna Township.
The crash happened as the fire crew was responding to an emergency call.

Three fire fighters in the truck suffered neck, chest, and arm injuries. They were all taken to Hershey Medical Center by ambulance.

Fire officials said all of the firefighters are expected to recover.

More photos on the website!

For a video of the physics of an SUV vs. a reg vehicle, click here.

Florida Fire Station Burns While Firefighters At Call - News

Florida Fire Station Burns While Firefighters At Call - News
Doh!!! Who forgot the porkchops????

Monday, April 16

MythBusters Voice Flame Extinguisher S05E07 01/05

In Voice Flame Extinguisher, Jamie and Adam set out to discover if it's possible to put out a fire using only your voice. Can sound extinguish a fire? This clip runs 9:11.

MythBusters - Do Pretty Girls Fart?

The episode the Discovery Channel didn't want to air. The scientific method at work! Aprox. 5 mins.

Faces of Meth

Makin' it or takin' it...job security. Sigh.

Drunken German emerges unscathed from under train

Drunken German emerges unscathed from under train | Oddly Enough | Reuters
Wow...time for this guy to buy a lottery ticket! Talk about luck....

Firefighters Find Man Living With Dead Animals

Firefighters Find Man Living With Dead Animals
Hoarding is an issue...this was the hoarding of animals. Can you imagine what this home smelled like?...Two inches of feces!...yuck.

Ambulance full of...umm....medical marijuana...yeah thats it...for the sick people!

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Get Stuck In Sticks
The patient was green.....and the uniform patches on the medics were on upside down..and they were all sporting gang tattoos....what was wrong with the picture?

Philadelphia police outraged over firefighter's rap lyrics

Philadelphia police outraged over firefighter's rap lyrics - International Herald Tribune
Freedom of speech in the Fire Department? Not so much.
PHILADELPHIA: The police force union in Philadephia called Monday for the immediate firing of a city firefighter and aspiring rapper who wrote anti-police lyrics about turning "pigs into bacon bits."

The Fraternal Order of Police demanded the dismissal of Rodney Jean-Jacques, who raps under the name Cal Akbar. The word "pig" is derogatory slang for police officer.

Jean-Jacques' music received positive notice in 2005, when he wrote and performed "Take It Outside," a song encouraging fire safety. The song was promoted by the Fire Department and was shown during the broadcast of a football game between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

For watch the rap video everyone liked, click here.

Man sets fire to cousin's home, kills 5 kids, injures three people & a firefighter

Quincy Herald Whig
Another tragedy. Five kids dead, three people injured, one firefighter also treated for burns to the face. The children ranged in age from 8 months to 10 years. They were home alone--and asleep-- when the fire was set early Sunday morning.

Electric bidet catches fire

Pure Pedantry : Electric bidet catches fire
The bright side...
"Fortunately, nobody was using the toilets when the fire broke out and there were no injuries," Tanaka said. "The fire would have been just under your buttocks."

Saturday, April 14

Firefighter responds to blaze in his own home

Worcester Telegram & Gazette News

The firefighter and his wife were having dinner at a local restaurant when he recieved a page for a his own house!
“It’s shocking,” Mr. Yellen said. “It’s one of those things you never ever think about (as a firefighter). ‘It’s not going to happen to me.’ ”

“As a firefighter,” Lt. Gilbert said, “I’ve been to many people’s homes to fight fires. But you don’t realize how hard and devastating it is until it’s your own house.”

Friday, April 13

Dog 911 Call

Dog places a call to 911...ok it was a false alarm...but he make a report!

Forest Fire Aircraft Disaster

An aircraft fighting a forest fires comes apart in mid air and crashes to the ground, killing everyone aboard. The incident was caught on tape by an amature photographer.

Ricky Bobby On Fire

Will Ricky Bobby remember to STOP DROP AND ROLL? Watch the clip to find out!

Thursday, April 12

Investigators focus on wood preservative in Cash fire

Investigators focus on wood preservative in Cash fire | - Houston Chronicle

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say the flames spread quickly because construction workers had recently applied a flammable wood preservative.

Victim's Family Sues After High-Rise Office Fire - Local News Story - KPRC Houston

Victim's Family Sues After High-Rise Office Fire - Local News Story - KPRC Houston

Turns out the retrofitted sprinkler system....was only a PARTIAL SYSTEM!!! Once again....PARTIAL PROTECTION IS NEVER EFFECTIVE (on a date or in a system...) This fire killed 3 people and injured 6, including 3 firefighters. From the article:
Investigators said Weaver confessed to setting the fire in Dr. Robert Caprioti's fifth-floor office. She told detectives she set the fire because she feared losing her job because she had not completed paperwork for an accreditation audit that was due the next day.

The sprinkler system did not extend into the offices, which allowed the fire to gain strength before spreading, arson investigators said.

Weaver probably did not intend to kill anyone with the fire and did not expect the fire to get out of control, authorities said.

Wednesday, April 11

Ruebens Tube--Too!

Rubens Tube Experiment - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Some dude takes a PVC pipe and pokes 100s of holes in the top. He then pours gas into it and lights it on fire. As he plays different sounds in the room the flames move to the sound being played. I SOOOO want to market this!!!

The Power of a Fire Hose

Jackass - The Fire Hose - Watch the best video clips here

From Jackass 1: Johnny Knoxville and a firehose. "How much pressure do these things have?"

A reminder....after watching the fire streams w/Johnny (which was somewhat funny)and seeing the force of the hose stream, take a look at the tragic photos from the Civil Rights Demonstrations in Birmingham AL in 1963. They used the fire department- and hose streams- to supress the demonstrators.

Makaloa building lacked fire safeguards, Debate over sprinkler rules sparks anew | News | /2007/04/11/
Well it happened in Hawaii too!
Yesterday's high-rise blaze on Makaloa Street that injured six people, one critically, has reignited calls from fire officials to mandate that older buildings install sprinkler systems.

Currently, the law requires sprinklers only for high-rise residential buildings built after 1975, because condo owners opposed the cost of retrofits for older buildings. They continue to maintain that sprinklers will cost too much.

All of us have a stake in firefighter safety > General News > Stories > Evergreen >

All of us have a stake in firefighter safety > General News > Stories > Evergreen >
From the article:
On average, a firefighter in America dies in the line-of-duty every 78 hours. Few departments have escaped that horrible trend.

Fire code enforcement, although often misunderstood by the community, is another strategy for reducing the potential for line-of-duty injuries and death. Blocked exit ways can trap customers inside, and prevent firefighters from either finding those trapped customers or escaping an engulfed building in danger of collapsing. Preventing fires outright -- the goal of all firefighters -- reduces the risk faced by firefighters in the first place.

In addition to following the requirements of the fire code, community members can decelerate and switch lanes when approaching emergency scenes on roadways and pull to the right as emergency vehicles approach from behind.

The NFFF has developed 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. To view them, visit or

That a firefighter somewhere in America dies every 78 hours is unacceptable. We all have a stake and a role to play in the safety of our firefighters, paramedics and other emergency response personnel.

Tuesday, April 10

Ford Recalls 500,000 Escapes For Engine Fire Risk - MoneyNews Story - WEWS Cleveland

Ford Recalls 500,000 Escapes For Engine Fire Risk - MoneyNews Story - WEWS Cleveland

Ford Motor Co. said it will recall more than 500,000 Escape sport utility vehicles after reports of engine fires linked to corrosion on antilock brake connectors.

Ford said the recall does not affect hybrid versions of the SUV.

The Dearborn-based automaker said there have been about 50 engine fires connected to the problems, which had been under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A spokeswoman said there have been no reports of accidents or injuries.

Six Die in Rural House Fire; 4 in Apt Fire - Six Die in Rural House Fire
This was in Shasta County. The fire was discovered by passerbys.

Apartment building fire in Memphis, Tenn., kills three kids, one adult
Fire officials say the bodies of a 40-year-old man, an eight-year-old girl, and two boys ages five and six were found inside a burned-out apartment after the overnight blaze.
Eight other people, including five children, have been treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns.

Boy, 9, dies in fire
MONTREAL - A nine-year-old boy is dead and his mother, 29, is in critical condition in a hospital following an overnight fire in their ground-floor apartment in Montreal.
The child's life might have been saved if the apartment had been equipped with a working smoke detector, a firefighter said.

"If there had been a smoke detector, we wouldn't be standing here talking about a fatal fire," Gilles Ducharme, fire department chief of operations, said as he paused in the charred doorway leading to the burnt-out flat.

Firefighters say the blaze started accidentally after a lamp short-circuited and set fire to a living-room sofa.

An upstairs tenant, who awoke just after midnight to the shrill sound of his own smoke detector, said he tried to help the desperate mother save her son, but was driven back by dense smoke billowing from the apartment.

Top Stories - JFRD Gets Award from PETA for Effort in Humane Society Fire

Top Stories - JFRD Gets Award from PETA for Effort in Humane Society Fire

The problems faced by firefighters in this building were incredible:

The fire at the Humane Society was a new kind of battle for firefighters.

"No fire alarms came in or anything, it was a passerby that saw it," said Lt. Michael Biladeau of Fire Station 28. "The whole roof was engulfed, so it lit up every room."

When they tried to get inside, they were faced with a challenge they hardly ever have to deal with.

"The place was like on lockdown. I mean every door was locked, we had to force all the doors," said Lt. Biladeau.

It quickly became exhausting. "It took extra effort to get into every door, so after about two or three doors, you're just really tired."

Once past the locked doors, firefighters found locked kennel after locked kennel.

"We'd be in a room and you'd have an engine guy spraying water, you'd have a ladder guy pulling ceiling, and at the same time another guy would be in there opening kennels, shooing dogs out."

Monday, April 9

Dozens Injured in New York City Blaze - News

Dozens Injured in New York City Blaze - News

53 people and 14 firefighters were injured in this fire on Sunday night. Read the article and see what is says about the DOOR....

geesh...close the door!

Longley, family escape fire

KRQE News 13 - Longley, family escape fire

Thought you basketball fans would be interested in this one. Luc Longley and his family escaped the fire with their lives...his 2 million dollar home was destroyed...however his three NBA championship rings and his collection of American cars were saved!

Former fire marshal, state ask dismissal from nightclub fire case -

Former fire marshal, state ask dismissal from nightclub fire case -

A fire marshal who said he never noticed a major safety problem at a nightclub where a fire later killed 100 people can't be sued because state law shields him from liability and because he didn't ignite the blaze, his attorneys said Monday.

Former West Warwick Fire Marshal Denis Larocque has said he never spotted flammable foam lining the walls of The Station club during an inspection. Sparks from a band's pyrotechnic display ignited that foam on Feb. 20, 2003, triggering a massive blaze that trapped dozens of people inside an overcrowded roadside bar.

Larocque visited the club several times and cited numerous fire code violations -- but not the foam.

He told investigators after the fire he missed the foam because he was so distracted by a door near the stage that swung the wrong way, which he had previously cited. He also told a state grand jury that his inspections of the club had been focused on checking extinguishers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Should he have imunity?

Static at the Pumps

Watch as this woman goes back into her car and moves around (generating static electricity) then gets out and grabs the nozzle w/out touching the car (to ground herself) before grabbing the nozzle.

For more information about static at the pumps check out this website and from CNN


Sent in by a caring student who wants you to see what that job security looks like (at least from the EMS side...although I bet these guys are great fun w/a lighter too.) Geesh. Good times man. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 8

Fire Inspector Resigns

KGBT 4 - TV Harlingen, TX: Fire Inspector Resigns
Indicted and out of a job...Brownsville fire inspector John Zimmerman learned his fate today following a grand jury hearing on child porn charges.

To keep this fair and balanced...and focused on the is an example from the other side of the pool.

City gets tough with weed scofflaws

Visalia Times-Delta - -

Weed abatement in Visalia.

Fire at Florida animal shelter kills 200 animals, including dozens of cats


Another tragic fire--many of the dogs were saved--the cats seemed to suffer the greatest losses. For those of you that are sick-- click here for the link that answers the age old questions..."How do you swing a dead cat?" and "What happens if a cat falls out of a high rise building?".

Flock used as fire prevention tool at C Hill Flock used as fire prevention tool at C Hill

This strategy is also used in Laguna Beach! Not too baaaaa-d....

Woman afraid of losing job confesses to fatal fire, officials say

590 KLBJ NEWS RADIO - Breaking News Headlines and Video from 590 KLBJ

Turns out she is the one that started the fire in the six story Houston office building on March 28. She was afraid her boss would find out that she hadn't finished her work and fire her. This fire killed three people and injured six, including three firefighters.

Links to the previous report is here.

Saturday, April 7

25 Years Later, The Caldecott Tunnel Fire Remembered | 25 Years Later, The Caldecott Tunnel Fire Remembered

A multimedia presentation of survivors & responders discussing this horrible incident. For the story click here.

Information on tunnel fire safety can be found by clicking here

The DOT report "Prevention and Control of Highway Tunnel Fires" is here.

Friday, April 6

Cat saves family from poisonous fumes - Pet Health -

Cat saves family from poisonous fumes - Pet Health -

Geesh, this was just in the nick of time! I still think a detector is less expensive then the cat!

Food 411 for One: Microwave Sponge Disaster (funny)

Remember...the sponge needs to be WET and it is never a good idea to overload the outlets!!!

NOVA Online | Fire Wars | PBS

NOVA Online | Fire Wars | PBS

A great website that explores wildland firefighing. In the program, NOVA accompanies the men and women of a wildland firefighting crew known as the Arrowhead Hotshots as they battle one of the most destructive wildfire seasons ever, the summer of 2000. Here's what you'll find online:

The Producer's Story
How did NOVA's film crews get close-up footage of dangerously volatile, 100-foot-high crown fires in the far West? Here, a behind-the-scenes report from producer Judith Vecchione.

The World on Fire
Every year, wildfires rage across millions of acres on all continents save Antarctica. Using annotated satellite maps of Earth, view and review the 2000 fire season on six continents.

Outfitting Wildland Firefighters
In this interactive feature, take a closer look at two fully clad wildland firefighters and learn more about their specialized gear.

How Plants Use Fire
Some plants and animals have adapted to naturally occurring fire to such a degree that they can't live without it. In this article, fire historian Stephen Pyne investigates the wildlife-wildfire bond.

Glossary of Fire Terms
What's the difference between torching and candling? Blow-ups and flare-ups? Fire whirls and firestorms? Find out here.

Wildfire Simulator (Hot Science)
Use this simple fire-growth computer model, developed by NOVA Online, to see how conditions such as wind speed and direction can affect the spread of a wildland fire. Also, try your hand at using virtual firebreaks and backfires to control a wildfire.

On Fire (Hot Science)
This virtual laboratory lets you explore the basics of combustion, including how a fire ignites, what a flame is made of, and how burning molecules rearrange themselves.

Check it out!

Paterson NJ schools violate fire codes

Fire code violations, such as inadequate exit signs, inoperable emergency lighting units and fire-alarm and sprinkler-system test reports that were not filed, have remained uncorrected for months in 19 of the city's schools.

A sample of fire code violations that remained unabated in some city schools as of March 16, according to the Paterson Fire Department:

• Sprinkler test, fire-alarm test and elevator inspection reports not submitted to the department

• Certificates for flame retardant curtains not submitted to the department

• Inoperative emergency lighting units

• Lack of additional exit signs

• Cleaning of kitchen hood systems

• No audible/visual alarms in lavatories

• Obstruction of means of egress

• Marking of stairwells with letters

Click here to read the article.

6 p.m.: Unattended cooking fire thought to be cause of five-alarm apartment blaze - Nashville, Tennessee

6 p.m.: Unattended cooking fire thought to be cause of five-alarm apartment blaze - Nashville, Tennessee - Friday, 04/06/07 -

One tenant was treated for smoke inhalation, two firefighters were injured and over 100 apartment units were affected.

Great White seeks removal from fire suit

Great White seeks removal from fire suit | - Houston Chronicle

Band members claim they had no control over the management of the band or the use of pyrotechnics and shouldn't be named in the ongoing lawsuits from the fire at The Station (that killed 100 people). The lead singer, Jack Russel is not included in the motion. Another member of the band, Ty Longley, died in the fire.

Characteristics of Home Fire Victims

Who is dying at home? For the report summary from the NFPA click here.

Children under age 5 are nearly twice as likely to die in home fires as the average person, but their relative risk has been declining, and by 2002 was down to only 56% over the average. Older adults age 65 and older are more than twice as likely to die in home fires as the average person. Alcohol or other drugs, disabilities and age-related limitations are all factors in home fire risk.

Forest service firefighter stabbed checking station | Riverside

Forest service firefighter stabbed checking station | Riverside | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

Note to self: Vacant buildings are rarely vacant.

Family's 2nd fire leads to probe

Family's 2nd fire leads to probe

Both fires started in the kitchen, although in the first fire in the oven was being used as a heater. A toddler died in that fire. This time, Mom was passed out, but the neighbors heard the smoke detector....

For information about alcohol and it relationship to fire casualties, click here.

Wednesday, April 4

Pictures Released Of Firefighter Caught Running Through Park In String Bikini and FOX19 Cincinnati News and Weather WXIX - Pictures Released Of Firefighter Caught Running Through Park In String Bikini Oh my. I think the stripes are going in the wrong direction for his figure. But I could be wrong.

Firefighter Donates Kidney to Save Fellow Firefighter

KSBY 6 Action News: Covering California's Central Coast | Central Coast Firefighter Donates Kidney to Save Fellow Firefighter

AFV: Hot news of the day

No good deed goes unpunished? A breakfast surprise!

System Sensor fire alarm test

Set to the Temporal 3 (T3) pattern.

Wildfire Prevention PSA - Twice Upon A Time

Another reminder from Bambi and his dad.

Fire Safety PSA-Silence can be deadly

Home safety psa, 41 seconds. Corny buy cute.

Fire in historic building spurs look at prevention steps | 04/04/2007 | Fire in historic building spurs look at prevention steps

Study sheds light on life after fire

The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA

A new study by Oregon State University scientists suggests that many burned-over forests will grow back on their own without replanting, a finding that echoes a controversial study by a different OSU research team a year ago.

The new study says natural regeneration may take somewhat longer in certain areas and produce a different mix of trees, but it rebuts long-held assumptions that crowding and shade from brush block seedling growth. In fact, it said regrowth in many burned plots was much higher than needed to restore the forest, even when the burned area is relatively distant from a source of seeds.

Also, allowing burned forests to grow back on their own could produce a forest with a more natural diversity of plant species and wildlife habitat than when remaining trees are logged and brush is cleared before nursery-raised seedlings are planted.

Sprinklers Not The Answer In Schools (from Thisisdorset)

Sprinklers Not The Answer In Schools (from Thisisdorset)

They argue the other provisions in place are adequate.

No vote on sprinklers yet in LB

Press-Telegram - No vote on sprinklers yet

Fire chief plans to move two fire statiions

The Pueblo Chieftain Online - Pueblo, Colorado U.S.A Fire Chief Chris Riley explains the decision to relocate two fire stations.

Tuesday, April 3

Copies of memos discussing sprinkler retrofit in LB Highrises

Cost v. benefits of sprinklers to existing buildings in Long Beach is discussed in a series of City Hall memos. A vivid example of the role of politics!

Electrical Fire

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Free Games at

Power lines ignite....awesome!

White Paper Clarifies NFPA 72 Smoke Detector Spacing

White Paper Clarifies NFPA 72 Smoke Detector Spacing — Industry News | Electrical Contracting Products -

The results of the study and accompanying code changes are expected to reduce the overall cost of fire protection systems in beam ceiling applications without compromising occupant safety. Based on the results, the report authors proposed language for addition to the body and annex of NFPA 72. The language clarifies how smoke detectors shall be placed on ceilings with beams and/or joists. These changes are expected to be incorporated into the 2007 edition of NFPA 72, which will be released in late 2006, to quell some of the debate surrounding the current requirements for smoke detectors on beam ceilings.

Fire Kills Elderly Woman Inside Her Home

Fire Kills Elderly Woman Inside Her Home - News Story - WBAL Baltimore Apparently they kept Grandma in the utility room and the only working smoke detector was in the .....garage!?! WTF?!? Oh was an old house and smoke detectors weren't required. Sigh.

Spotsy to increase fire inspections- and fees - Spotsy to increase fire inspections

"It's not sleepy little Spotsylvania anymore,"

Growth in the community has resulted in a need for more fire inspectors. The Spotsylvania fire department will fund two new positions with a new inspection fee schedule. In essence the business owners will pay for the positions rather than the taxpayers. The inspection fee schedule (in the article) seems pretty reasonable to me. It also seems like the inspections would have to be done...the inspectors will be accountable for their work to the business owner. Will a different level of service be expected?

Smoke detectors saved E. Haven family from fast-moving blaze, fire marshal says

New Haven Register - Smoke detectors saved E. Haven family from fast-moving blaze, fire marshal says
Hurray! Good news for a change...but I have to ask why one kid sleeps in the basement and the other in the attic?

Fire crews contain 4,100-acre blaze

San Bernardino County Sun - Fire crews contain 4,100-acre blaze Brush clearance works again!

Food on Stove Caused Fire

Food on Stove Caused Fire Batteries were missing from the smoke detector. Mom went back in to save the kids: 3 now in critical condition, 1 in serious condition. Mom didn't make it.

Sunday, April 1

City will consider sprinkler mandate

Press-Telegram - City will consider sprinkler mandate:
As the codes stand now, the Fire Department can require sprinkler systems in older buildings only under certain circumstances: when a building is being converted from one use to another; when a new high-rise or a large nightclub is built or opened; and in buildings where exiting may be precarious, such as below-ground garages or units. They are considering requiring existing buildings to be retrofitted w/in 10 years. Lots of people are upset about it.

Long Beach city council will hold a hearing on Tuesday.

Woman dead, 4 children in hospital following fire

News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Woman dead, 4 children in hospital following fire
Fill in the blanks:
Firefighters said they did not find any working _________ ____________ in the residence.

And in PA this weekend a mother and two children died in another house fire.

Internet Archive: Details: NY Fire Department's 9/11 Radio Dispatches

/Internet Archive: Details: NY Fire Department's 9/11 Radio Dispatches

Audio recording from the radio transmission of 9/11

Oral Histories From Sept. 11 Compiled by the New York Fire Department

Oral Histories From Sept. 11 Compiled by the New York Fire Department - The New York Times

Unedited oral histories and radio transcripts from the first responders are located here.

Fire Service - Joint Recruitment Testing

Fire Service - Joint Recruitment Testing This is a joint recruitment that will be going on in Washington. They are charging $75 pp to take the written test....