Friday, February 3

Redondo FF need a new kitchen- Vote now!

The firehouse with the most votes will receive a truly heroic kitchen renovation valued at $25,000. 
2 reasons why I am voting for Redondo Beach Fire:
  1. Their kitchen really is hopeless
  2. Their synchronized pan dancing abilities. Who knew?

Here is The Official Music Video for the REDONDO BEACH FIRE DEPT..."We Cook Our Food In This Hopeless Place"... Please Vote They Desperately need a new kitchen... 

Thursday, February 2

The Choking Game- Do You Know?

 Students Report Playing Dangerous 'Choking Game'. One in seven at a Texas university tried it, survey finds.  
FRIDAY, Jan. 27 (HealthDay News) -- The "choking game" has been played by nearly one in seven students who were surveyed at a Texas university, a new study finds. This so-called 'game' is played individually or in groups and involves deliberately cutting off blood flow to the brain in order to achieve a high. This is done by choking oneself or others, applying a ligature around the neck, placing a plastic bag over the head, placing heavy objects on the chest, or hyperventilating.

It is true. Not everyone that plays the game, dies. Meet some of the survivors:

From the Dangerous Behavior Foundation (DBF):
Since it's conception in 2006, DBF has been tracking this high risk teen behavior and leading the fight for effective education and awareness.

Every child is at risk of being tempted to 'play' this 'game'.  Many tween and teens engaging in this activity perceive no risk, often stating "No one ever dies from fainting"  Education of the very real, potentially fatal, risks associated with participating is the essential element to risk reduction and prevention.

Oxygen deprivation practices are not new. What is new is the speed at which the information transfer occurs. Children growing up with current technology learn about risky behaviors through friends, mutual friends and video sharing website at warp speed.
 The Official Choking Game Awareness Website has educational and advocacy materials at 

A little education goes a long way. Click the link below to add your support

There is an alarming wave of deaths among our country’s youth; a wave that continues to go unnoticed by mainstream media. Adolescents across the nation are victims of unintentional fatalities caused by their participation in the “choking game” and though known by many names, the intent is to pass out purposely for amusement or for a “buzz”. This silent epidemic that focuses the most brutal results on our very young middle schoolers, remains hidden from public attention because currently there is no way to accurately track and report the number of cases. This lack of statistical proof also limits prevention efforts promoted by the grass-roots organization of the thousands of grieving families who have lost a child to this insidious “game”. 
As your constituent, I have signed my name below to ask that you help us help our children by doing the following:
1. Call the CDC and request to be briefed on the issue of the “choking game”.
2. Support the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services by requesting that the World Health Organization add a sub code that includes the “choking game” as a cause of death.
3. Include the “choking game” among the health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth in the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), and make the YRBS affordable and accessible for all states.
4. Support the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) model of education as the means to disseminate information regarding the “choking game”.

Enduring the death of a child is heartbreaking. As my representative to Congress, I ask that you help me prevent other families from this heartache by showing your support in establishing statistical evidence of the “choking game,” Your efforts will assist us in heightening awareness among teens and their parents, teachers, and health care providers.`


Anti-Sprinkler Legislation- Because our Families & Firefighters are an Acceptable Loss?

80% of all structure fires in the US occur in 1 & 2 family dwellings.  That is also where the majority of fire deaths occur. People are not dying by the 100s in public assemblies, they are dying by 2s and 3s in their own homes.  We (the US) have one of the highest fire death rates of all industrialized countries. And our LODD rates for firefighter...well, you know. And if not here you go 

Today, home fires flash over much quicker than ever before

Synthetic Materials in Homes Turn to Toxic Gases in Fire, Families May Not Have As Much Time As Expected To Escape House

Watch this short video and see for yourself:

And Yet, the Lawmakers are passing ANTI Fire Sprinkler Legislation- PROHIBITING the adoption of building codes requiring sprinklers in NEW one-and-two family homes.

Tenn; Hawaii, and Colorado are all in the process of passing ANTI fire sprinkler legislation.
This is because the model building codes (beginning Jan of 2012) now require sprinklers in all new homes. The building codes are not effective however, until they are adopted by a jurisdiction, thus the legislation trying to block the adoption. This article " Home Fire Sprinklers will Save Lives and Won't Kill the Housing Recovery" does a good job of explaining it.

Another benefit home fire sprinklers, is they won't kill firefighters.

You will find a rich collection of resources at including videos and lesson plans supporting the Life Safety Initiatives in general, and Initiative #15 Code Enforcement and Sprinklers, in particular.

The code change was not a quick process.Here is a resolution supporting the legislation from 2008.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Resolution
A Resolution Supporting a Change to the International Residential Code to Require Fire Sprinklers in One - and Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is an organization created through Public Law by the United States Congress to honor and remember America's fallen heroes, to provide necessary resources to assist their survivors in the rebuilding of their lives, and to work within the fire service community to reduce firefighter deaths, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has worked since 2004 to implement a national blueprint to reduce firefighter line-of-duty deaths through its "Everyone Goes Home" Program, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation considers it unacceptable that in the 21st century, more than 3,000 people in the United States are killed and thousands more suffer burns and injuries in fires each year, with an overwhelming number of these deaths occurring in homes, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation recognizes that many fire deaths and injuries occur in the most vulnerable populations-the young and the elderly, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is working to have a positive and consequential impact on reducing the nation's losses due to fire, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation recognizes that fire sprinklers represent a proven, reliable, efficient and effective method of protecting life and property in both commercial and residential occupancies, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has incorporated within its vision that advocacy must be strengthened for the installation of home fire sprinklers, and
WHEREAS The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation supports the concept that the widespread use of residential sprinklers will improve fire occurrence outcomes for civilians and decrease firefighter injuries and deaths due to firefighting.
  1. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation supports the installation of fire sprinkler systems in all residential structures, and
  2. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hereby encourages jurisdictions to adopt legislation that further strengthens the installation of these life saving devices, and
  3. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation advocates for firefighters nationwide to stand in support of these efforts.

Ronald J. Siarnicki
Executive Director, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
August 1, 2008

Here are the most common   myths about home fire sprinklers - busted. (Average cost in new construction is $1.61 per square ft. ).

The Fire Sprinkler Initiative has many other resources, reports and presentation materials for advocates.
What uses the most water? An fire hose or  fire sprinklers? Try putting out a fire with each one at the City of Franklin's web site.and then you can check out these interactive videos  and games.

Here are some more videos and interactive materials from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  including fire and sprinkler burn demonstrations, facts about home fires and construction information.

NFPA has a variety of videos available at YouTube including their "Faces of Fire" series which tell the personal stories of people who have survived a fire.

Anne Mazzola was working in her home while her new floor received its last coat of sealant. The combustible product ignited an intense fire that was extinguished nearly as quickly as it started, thanks to her home's sprinkler system.

A former operating room nurse, Princella underwent numerous painful and time-consuming surgeries followed by frequent hospital stays following a devastating home fire. She believes it all could have been avoided had her home been equipped with fire sprinklers

My all time favorite argument for home fire sprinklers however is what Fresno FD said:

It's like having a firefighter in your home 24/7, only


The Interactive Heart

This interactive infographic explains the anatomy and function of the human heart. Find out how the blood flows through the different chambers and valves, and visualize the blood flow using the scroll bar.

The Human Heart - Explania