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Firefighter alarm never sounded

Firefighter alarm never sounded | LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas

It appears a PASS device has failed again. For more information on the ongoing investigation click here.


Working to keep the codes fair!

Click here to check out Dave Attell going though a fireworks store in South Carolina.

Rescue 911 -Nightgown Fire

From the old TV series. A girl saves her sister when her nightgown catches fire using stop drop and roll. The child was seriously burned. This follows her burn injury treatment. Aprox. 8 mins.

Flash Over (Durchzündung)

Wow!!! Just over 2 minutes. Wait for it!

WIldfire Prevention PSA - Matchsticks

Go to to learn all about wildfires and how we can protect our forests.

Message from city website: "911 closed, everyone at doughnut shop"

Pa. firefighter gets bogus message: 911 closed, everyone at doughnut shop

So what about call fowarding?

Mine owner fined $1.5 million after probe of fatal fire

Mine owner fined $1.5 million after probe of fatal fire

Everything that could be wrong...was. Passive protection was missing, systems didn't work, parts were incompatible, training inadequate, incorrect escape plan and no water.

A report by the Mine Safety and Health Administration chronicled safety shortcuts and flagrant violations of basic mining laws at the company's Aracoma Alma No. 1 mine just outside this southern West Virginia town. Two miners died at Aracoma Alma on Jan. 19, 2006, when they became lost amid dense smoke that poured into what was supposed to be a sealed escape route, after a conveyor belt caught fire.

"At Aracoma, it appears that deficiencies were not fully recognized by mine personnel or by state or federal inspectors," the company statement said.

The MSHA investigation found widespread and serious failures in the Aracoma Alma operation, including a nearly half-hour delay in ordering miners in the area to evacuate when the air monitoring system sounded.

It also described a chaotic scene in which workers had no water to fight the fire, incompatible firehose couplings and inaccurate mine maps with which to attempt a rescue.

The two miners, both roofbolt operators, were part of a 12-man crew working three miles into the mine when the fire started. As the crew tried to make its way out, it found the escape path filled with smoke due to a missing stopping, a panel that directs airflow underground.

"That stopping never existed. It existed only on paper, on some maps," said Bill Francart, a Pittsburgh-based mining engineer who was part of the investigative team.

Oops-The inspector missed this one? Metro | State

As the pile of brush and debris grew to the size of an eight-story building on Henry Zumwalt's property, the state's environmental agency did nothing. When the 80-foot mound ignited in December, Helotes residents erupted in anger as smoke and ash settled into their homes and lungs.

For years, they had warned the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about the fire hazard growing outside Helotes. Why hadn't TCEQ listened? Why hadn't the agency ordered Zumwalt to dismantle the pile?

Because, TCEQ said, it goes by the book. And there's nothing in the book that regulates the size of debris piles.


Now that the fire has been extinguished, TCEQ says it goofed. It shouldn't have ignored a fire hazard obvious to nearly everyone but state investigators.


It took three months and $5.5 million dollars to extinguish! Once again, a little knowledge (aka the heat of decomposition)might have been useful here.

Thursday, March 29

Using the Scientific Method to improve your social life.

Using the Scientific Method to improve your social life.

The Scientific Method can be used to solve any problem, even to find a date for Friday Night in 5 simple steps. (Cause we are learning just a test!)

Hundreds Of Bearded Dragon Lizards In Fire - Hundreds Of Bearded Dragon Lizards In Fire

Electrical fire in a lizard breeding facility.

Man trapped in high-rise fire jumped to death in Long Beach | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

More information about this fire.

Big weddings at Corinthian Ballroom in peril of fire code -

Big weddings at Corinthian Ballroom in peril of fire code -

A second exit would be too.... expensive! They have occupant loads of over 400 people w/one exit at the top of a stairwell served by a door w/34" clear width!!! Unfreakingbelieveable. I hope the fire marshal sticks to his guns!

Family also escaped fire in '04-This time not so all are so lucky | Family also escaped fire in '04

Once smoke detectors! This time two of the children are dead, an 18 month old child and Dad are currently in critical condition.

Jib Jab "What We Call the News"

Another very good argument for critical thinking!

Business Owners Tell House Panel That Fire Code Too Costly

Business Owners Tell House Panel That Fire Code Too Costly

What is an "acceptable loss" in RI? From the article:

The new codes require more sprinklers and alarms and largely eliminate grandfathering clauses that allowed public buildings to avoid upgrades required under new building rules. Other changes include a requirement that nightclub owners hire crowd managers and turn up the lights before a show and point out exits.

Rep. Joseph Trillo, R-Warwick, head of the commission, has introduced a bill repealing the new code except for the provisions governing nightclubs. He argues that the costs are too hefty for small businesses. The hearing yesterday was the commission's first and no action was taken on the bill.

The bill hasn't received much support from Democratic lawmakers, and fire officials argue that scrapping the new code is unnecessary, since the Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal and Review can grant leniency to businesses.

Read about the role of the Grandfather Clause in the Long Beach fire below.

Three dead in mid-rise fire unidentified

Three dead in mid-rise fire unidentified | LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas

A detailed report of the fire with extensive video of the rescue and suppression operations.

There are also reports that the fire sprinklers and fire alarms DID NOT WORK. The last inspection was in 2005.

Long Beach Fire Chases Man Off Balcony To His Death - News

SoCal Fire Chases Man Off Balcony To His Death - News

"There was a person on the balcony screaming for help, Bellflower resident Saida Caal told the Long Beach Press Telegram. "The fire came at him and he was catching on fire, and he just jumped off the balcony.

"He was screaming, 'Help me, I don't want to die. Somebody please help me.' He was screaming that over and over again before he jumped off the balcony," she said.

Or perhaps he was pushed off by "Grandfather" and his "Clause". Just a thought.

Wednesday, March 28

Amazing Accidents

Amazing Accidents Compilaion - Free videos are just a click away

aka Job Security!

The need for higher education in the fire service.

Who Needs a PHD? This article, from Fire Chief Magazine, explores the idea of creating a doctorate level of education for fire service personnel with recommended areas of study. If I were going to persue a doctorate I would problably use their recommendations to design it.

I think the conclusion taken from the 1966 Wingspread Conference Report identifying the “mastery of the scientific method” as the first educational need of the fire service is pretty profound. I find it odd however, that teaching the scientific method is not part of the FESHE (Fire Emergency Services Higher Education Committee) curricullum for lower division course work- such as in the curriculum for the "Fire Behavior" where one of the course goals is to have students recall the three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas.) I find this particullarly amusing/frustrating because this is also a goal of the CA Educational Standards- for the 3rd grade.

Here is an interesting story from the article- note the date- almost 140 yrs ago!
In 1868, Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, fire chief of the London Fire Brigade, visited major fire departments in the United States and made several observations, including the following:

“When I was last in America, it struck me very forcibly that, although most of the chiefs were intelligent and zealous in their work, not one that I met made even a pretension to the kind of professional knowledge which I consider so essential. Indeed, one went as far as to say that the only way to learn the business of a fireman was to go to fires — a statement about as monstrous and contrary to reason as if he had said that the only way to become a surgeon would be to commence cutting off limbs without any knowledge of anatomy or of the implements required.”

The article goes on to discuss the need to apply research to the decision making involved in the adoption of policies and procedures or aquiring new equipment.

An example of the lack of research in Fire Service policy that comes to mind is the entire issue of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. This practice was adopted and implemented in departments throughout the US (where they still exisist today)almost with a fear of liability if it WASN'T adopted. But research has shown that not only does it not may even do more harm to than the inital incident caused! Read more about the findings by Gist & Woodall by clicking here.

The same problem exists with the adoption of the Temporal-Three patterm for fire alarms. Prolex found:
In North America, it is now required that buildings equipped with a fire alarm system sound the Temporal-Three (T-3) pattern as the evacuation signal. It is intended that the T-3 pattern will become the standardized alarm signal heard around the world that will unequivocally mean "evacuate the building immediately". Since new and refurbished buildings are now equipped with this new signal, we need to ascertain if the public recognizes this sound as an evacuation signal. The objectives of the study were to assess the public's recollection, identification and perceived urgency of the T-3. Data was collected through a field study in public buildings in the Ottawa area with 307 participants. Results showed that participants often reported that they had heard the T-3 before, although they could rarely correctly identify it as a fire alarm or evacuation signal. In fact, the T-3 was usually associated with domestic signals such as a busy phone signal or the sound of an alarm clock. Further, the T-3 was not judged as a signal conveying urgency. The findings suggest that considerable public education is necessary to improve the public's identification of the T-3 signal. It is also suggested that it is unrealistic to expect that occupants will immediately start evacuation upon hearing such a signal and that further information provided to the occupants will always be necessary to prompt evacuation movement.

Unfortunently this research wasn't conducted until after the T-3 became part of the code. Perhaps if a scientific methodology was employed in the design, they would have a signal that people would both recognize and respond appropriately to with minimal training or education.

Click here for the full report

Click here to access the list of schools offering degrees and programs of study in Fire Technolgy both on campus and at a distance.

Click here for the Santa Ana College Fire Technology website.

Cause for alarm - Investigation into PASS device failures

Cause for alarm -
In depth investigation into the failure of PASS devices, thought to have played a role in the deaths of 15 firefighters.

Unfreakingbelievable. IMHO

Tenn. leads nation in report of incidents to fire database

Tenn. leads nation in report of incidents to fire database

Schwarzenegger Appoints Katherine Dargan State Fire Marshal

Schwarzenegger Appoints Katherine Dargan State Fire Marshal

King of the Hill - A Firefighting We Will Go

Hank and the guys are working as firefighters. aprox. 3 minutes.

High Rise Fire in Chicago office building

AP Wire | 03/28/2007 | Smoke billows from downtown Chicago office building

The reactions of the people are interesting. Remember, most high rise buildings have selective alarm signals and are not designed for complete evacuation in the event of a fire. Maybe someone should tell the occupants?

The Simpsons- A Fire in Springfield

Not the flammable district! aprox 3 minutes....

Jobs Available

Pheonix Fire Jobs
Fire Performance Auditor
Fire Prevention Supervisor
Fire Protection Engineer - Facility Management

LA County Fire Department has the following positions posted (click here for access to all of these jobs).

Application Developer II (32521-C) NEW!
Assistant Chief, Fire Fleet Services (3-7476-C)
Forestry Assistant (Exam: 3-0328-F)
Fire Equipment Mechanic (Exam: 3-7472-E)
Fire Fighter Trainee (Exam: 30198A)
Fire Prevention Engineering Assistant II
Forestry Technician (Exam: 3-0326-E)
Helicopter Mechanic (Exam: 3-7492-I)
Supplemental Form
Senior Nursing Instructor (Exam: 3-5216-A)
Student Professional Worker (Exam: 3-8243-A)
Student Worker (Exam: 3-8242-A)

Salinas and Monterey Fire Departments Joint Recruitment for FIREFIGHTER (Entry)

Riverside County Fire Department Needs Volunteer Firefighters!
Sign Up now for our 2007 Academy !! (And the water tender team needs new members)

The City of Laguna Beach Invites Applications For RESERVE FIREFIGHTER

The City of Costa Mesa is recruiting a
Fire Administration Intern and
Fire Chief

The Commission to Recruit Women for the Fire Service

invites you to save the date and spend a few hours at the 2007 Firefighter Recruitment Fair.

Saturday, May 12, 2007
10 AM - 4 PM
Southern California CPAT Center
626 N. Eckhoff Street
Orange, CA 92868

Saturday, May 19, 2007
10 AM - 4 PM
Northern California CPAT Center
6723 Sierra Court, Suite G.
Dublin, CA 94568

Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the event nearest you
Females are encouraged to attend. School programs are welcome.
For more information email or call (916) 648-1717.

Simpsons Fire Drill

Fire drill at the nuclear power plant.

Tuesday, March 27

Peter Griffin's Bunker Busting Mega Ultra Super...

Fireworks are bad....illegal fireworks are very very bad. Kids. Don't try this at home!

Paul Schaeffer Fire Alarm

From the family guy. A new way to program your voice alarms....

Family Guy -Fire Trucks in the Wild

National Geographic fire truck clip courtesy of Peter.

9,300 ducks killed (roasted?) in barn fire

The Journal Times Online

Continuing with the animal theme i seem to be on it wrong to wonder what this smelled like?

167 dogs perish in fire at Bland County kennel

167 dogs perish in fire at Bland County kennel -

I guess I am on an animal theme tonight. Should the puppies have had protection?

Dog Performs 'Heimlich' on Choking Owner Dog Performs 'Heimlich' on Choking Owner

He really did! Or did he?

Firefighter saves woman -- but breaks rules

Firefighter saves woman -- but breaks rules

Sometimes it is more important to do the right thing then to do things right, IMHO.

New law will ban sale of conventional cigarettes

The Cincinnati Post - New law will ban sale of conventional cigarettes

Another state moves to selling fire safe cigarettes.

Warning...Smoke alarms don't wake you up!

News team investigates. Aprox 5 minutes

Kids do not wake up to fire alarms, ITS TRUE

Video taken in a daycare center

Georgetown Fire Department adds life vests to first-responding trucks

Georgetown Fire Department adds life vests to first-responding trucks

A learning opportunity?

First woman joins Atlantic City Fire Department

First woman joins Atlantic City Fire Department

They couldn't pass the physical ability til now???? Where are they recruiting these women from???

Dog saves Hallandale mother, 5 children from pre-dawn fire: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Dog saves Hallandale mother, 5 children from pre-dawn fire: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Geesh... maybe they should change the name of the dog to First Alert? (or perhaps invest in a few smoke detectors---I cant believe the Fire Chief didn't mention it in his quote!)

Monday, March 26

News of the weird.

What a way to go....

A 50-year-old man fell through the ice at Donner Lake near Truckee, Calif., in February and drowned. Police said he was ice-skating about 100 yards off shore while wearing 2-foot-tall stilts (thus, the stilts were wearing the skates), and couldn't recover after falling through. [Reno Gazette-Journal-AP, 1-31-07]

California Highway Patrol officers at the scene near Yuba City, Nev., said the 28-year-old driver that crossed into oncoming traffic and fatally crashed into a Hummer in February was, perhaps, working at his laptop computer while driving. Though the screen was shattered in the crash, the computer was open in the seat beside him and plugged into his car's cigarette lighter. [Los Angeles Times-AP, 2-27-07]

He picked a bad day to tag the bridge...

A 15-year-old boy in Hamilton, Ontario, was finally rescued after dangling from a rope, nearly naked, upside down, in the minus-5-degree (F) cold, after a February attempt to spray graffiti on a new bridge went bad. He got his inspiration while tobogganing alone, at about 8 p.m., and left his gloves and cell phone in the sled as he rappelled over the side of the bridge, but when the rope slipped and entangled him, he found himself upside down and then lost some clothes as he tried to wriggle free. At about 10 p.m., when a party was breaking up at a nearby home, someone finally heard his screams for help. [Hamilton Spectator, 2-15-07]


Rescue 911 - Tanker Crash

Firefighters risk their lives to save a girl trapped under a flaming gasoline tanker. This is from the old TV Series. Aprox. 10 minutes.

Rescue 911 - The DOOR~~

From the old TV series. House fire w/the family trapped in the basement. The power of TV and a door!(Close the door!)(7 1/2 minutes)

OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!! (Do the power guys get hazardous pay for this stuff?)

Just another day at work in the beautiful Florida Sun!!! A Florida Power & Light crew putting in lines for an addition to the Orlando International Airport found the following in a culvert they were using...CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THEY FOUND~~

CPSC and USFA Encourage Consumers to Spring Forward with Fire Safety in Mind

News stories reported at least 200 people killed in home fires in first three weeks of February. And smoke detectors are not waking up children under the age of 16! For more information on home safety from the CPSC and USFA click here.

Fire Safety Recalls

Click the links for the recall information for the following products:

*Smoke Detectors (Digital Security Controls FSA and FSB Series Smoke Detectors)

*Washing Machines (Maytag and Samsung Brand Front Loading Washing Machines)

*Casio Electronic Keyboard

* Estes-Cox Radio Control Airplanes with Lithium Polymer Batteries

Fire kills 2 children in Va., injures 11

Fire kills 2 children in Va., injures 11 | - Houston Chronicle

Once again, no smoke detectors to be found.

NYFD Fire recruits upset about the test.


Are their arguments valid? What do you think?

Scottsdale firefighter recruits enter second week of training

Scottsdale firefighter recruits enter second week of training |

Scottsdale update for those of you that tested here!

When the Chiefs Ex-Wife's house catches fire...

Defibrillator sets patient's clothes on fire - Defibrillator sets patient's clothes on fire - Jan. 28, 2004

Talk about a bad day at the office!

Sunday, March 25

Jay Leno "Dealing With The Public" 911 Calls

Funny 911 calls. Aproximately 7 minutes.

Sunshine Week: NBC17 Looks Into School Inspection Reports

NBC 17 - News - Sunshine Week: NBC17 Looks Into Public Records

Celebrating your right-to-know. How the public may use your fire inspection reports!

Fire inspection fees will be charged, retroactively

Inside Bay Area - Fire inspection fees will be charged, retroactively

Hotels and apartment complex owners in Belmont and San Carlos may have thought they were off the hook for fire inspection fees between $300 and $600 last year. No such luck.
After a brief debate, the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department's board voted 3-1 to retroactively charge for mandatory fire inspections conducted in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 fiscal years. The move reverses a decision made by the former fire chief in 2005 to drop the fees amid staffing shortages and uncertainty over the department's future.

Mexican-American hopes promotion leads to more diversity in department |

Mexican-American hopes promotion leads to more diversity in department |

Miguel Armenta’s proudest day was almost 10 years ago when he was hired as a firefighter with Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.

Now, that moment has been trumped.

Armenta recently was promoted to lieutenant, the first Mexican-American to reach that rank in the department’s history.

But while Armenta is proud of his heritage, it’s only a small part of who he is.

“I consider myself just like everyone else, but my heritage — my grandparents are Mexican — I’m proud of that,” he said.

He hopes his promotion serves as an inspiration to others and promotes greater diversity in the department. “I want to send a message that we’d love to have more diversity in our department,” he said.

Click on the link to read the rest of the story.

Promotions to fire rescue include ’first’

Promotions to fire rescue include ’first’

KAHULUI – When she reports for duty next week, Lani Gomes will make history as the first woman in the Maui County Fire Department rescue company!

Husband plays midwife while driving 100 mph

Husband plays midwife while driving 100 mph - Vehicular Peculiarity -

Gives a new meaning to multi-tasking!

The gift that keeps on giving?

A funny 911 call.

Ten dead in Russian strip club fire News - Latest News - Ten dead in Russian strip club fire

A tragic story that begins with a flaming drink...

Saturday, March 24

Fire marshal resigns after consulting psychic from department computers - International Herald Tribune

Fire marshal resigns after consulting psychic from department computers - International Herald Tribune

Perhaps they Psychic should have reminded him that he has no right to privacy on the fire department's computers....

Reno 911! Community Service

Police officers and firefighters pay a visit to the Children's Hospital.

Family escapes inferno- Awakened by passerbys at 3am!

The Advocate - - Newark, Ohio

This would have been a tragic story except for the intervention of two people at 3 am! Fire started in the laundry room...and there were no smoke detectors!

Man asked to leave fire dept over his MySpace page!

Winston-Salem Journal | Man sues after schools fire him over MySpace page

What does YOUR MySpace page say about you? If you are looking for a job....clean it up to reflect your resume or get rid of it. How about your email address or your voice mail message? Are they professional? If you want a professional job offer...they better be!

Fire victim was smoking

Fire victim was smoking

Fire kills two and injures one.

Floor heater + combustibles -smoke detectors = multiple fatality fire

House fire kills three children, blamed on propane floor heater and nearby combustibles. Additionally, two smoke detectors were found in the home, one without a battery and one too badly burnt for investigators to determine it would have gone off during the fire. Neither detector was in one of the girls' bedrooms. The children had been left home alone while the mother was at work and dad was out of town.

Fire Truck vs. School Bus because of a false alarm!

False alarm fire call has tragic turn | Chicago Tribune

More information on the accident involving the school bus and the fire truck accident that took the life of one firefighter and injured three others. Additional information is available by clicking here.

Friday, March 23

Steven Colbert's Fire Safety Tips

Smokey gets a makevoer!

Reno 911! Fire Rivals

Firefighers vs Cops when Deputy Jr. runs into a burning building to save a dog.

911 Call- A deer bit my neck!

This is a hysterical 911 call with pictures. You can thank me later.

Superbowl Commercial--Who let the dog out?

Everyone wants to be a firefighter!

Funny fireman accident

Under pressure!

Failed Fire Inspections Block Fraternity Party Registration

The Daily Californian

How to ruin a frat party!

Lawsuit Filed Against The Fire Department Saying A Careless Inspection By Firefighters Led To The Tragedy

Lawsuit Filed Against The Fire Department Saying A Careless Inspection By Firefighters Led To The Tragedy

New Jersey - The parents of four Teaneck children killed in a house fire two years ago sued the township and its fire department on Monday, saying a careless inspection by firefighters led to the tragedy. Township firefighters had inspected the home of Philyss Seidenfeld the evening of March 21, 2005, after she called to say she smelled smoke. They left 30 minutes later after declaring the house safe - only to receive calls about five hours later that it was engulfed in flames and thick smoke.

Protecting the pets: Fire department gets pet masks

The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa - Protecting the pets: Fire department gets pet masks

A new role for EMS? What do you think about these?

Firefighter dies in fire truck-bus crash

Firefighter dies in fire truck-bus crash

CHICAGO -- A Chicago fire truck heading to a call collided with an empty school bus Friday morning, killing one firefighter and injuring three others. The bus driver had just finished dropping off the children for the day.

Thursday, March 22

Corona Auto X

Corona Auto X, Nations top extrication training. Props to the Corona firefighters for an excellent video. If you have an opportunity to attend this training...DO IT!! NOTE: DOUBLE CLICK ON THE "SCREEN" TO GO TO YOUTUBE TO WATCH THIS

Battles Lost- Lessons Learned -Storm King Mountain

A walk up Storm King Mountain, discussing lessons learned from historical wildland firefighter fatalities.

Adapted from the National Wildfire Coordinating Group training package, PMS-490 "Lessons Learned: Fatality Fire Case Studies"

Childrens TV gone terribly wrong!

Taping of a tv-program for children. Funny scene where a guy's pants catches fire. Seems a little harder to put out than planned. Hmmm...stop drop and roll anyone?

Firefighter on fire

A firefighter on fire! While cutting a steel door with a gas powered saw a firefighter catches on fire. Sparks from the metal cutting blade ... all » ignite the gasoline that has spilled from the saw. Watch in super-slow-motion the quick action of his fellow firefighters as they pull him away from the fire and smother the flames with a turnout coat! Check those gas caps and keep a fire extinguisher handy

Seinfeld George leads the evacuation

A clip from the old Seinfeld show. George discovers a fire and....panics?

Fire department spokesman: Children lucky to be alive

Salt Lake Tribune - Fire department spokesman: Children lucky to be alive

They are VERY lucky to be heater + no smoke detectors usually = tragedy!

Calif. fireboats taken out of service after trestle fire exposed operating flaws

Calif. fireboats taken out of service after trestle fire exposed operating flaws

Lots of gasoline but no breathing apparatus on board..what's wrong w/this picture?

Wednesday, March 21

Fire Training Gone Bad

During a controlled burn scenario to train firefighters, the siuation goes south quickly as participants learn that gasoline has been used as a accelerant to enhance the blaze. Add to the mix two trapped firefighters, their rescuer, and a pumper which won't go into gear and you've got one of hell if a mess.

Anaheim, CA Firefighter Academy

Aprox 4 1/2 minutes. Training montage....well done!

Big Train - Showjumpers vs. Firefighters

Sketch from the UK Comedy Series Big Train. Showjumpers just want to help....

Carelessness and Cannabis

Jimmy Kimmel reports on a house fire in San Diego that was being used as a greenhouse.

1916 Film: The Fireman

Aka "A Gallant Fireman", "The Fiery Circle". "Charlie is a fireman who always does everything wrong. A man talks the Fire Chief into ... all » ignoring his burning home (he wants the insurance money) unaware that his daughter (the love of the Chief) is upstairs in the house." Written and directed by Charles Chaplin, 1916. Film in public domain available at Aprox. 18 mins.

Firefighter Killer: Heart Disease

Firefighter Killer: Heart Disease

This is an excellent article! The latest studies show:
Firefighters are 12 to 136 times more likely to die of heart disease when putting out a fire.
Firefighters are 3 to 14 times more likely to die of heart disease while responding to an alarm.
Firefighters are 2 to 10.5 times more likely to die of heart disease while returning from an alarm.
Firefighters are 3 to 7 times more likely to die of heart disease during physical training.

Recommendations include:

-require firefighters to undergo prehire and annual medical examinations
-implement wellness and fitness programs to reduce heart disease risk factors
-require annual physical performance tests for all firefighters
-Firefighters tend to be far fitter and healthier than civilians -- especially if they work -full time at the job. But 70% of firefighters are volunteers.

"The fitness requirements at entry and continuing through working life are much higher on the career side than on the voluntary side," Rosenstock says. "Very few paid firefighters continue after age 50. But the volunteer work force is older -- and with age comes added risk."

Brand New Fireboat Sinks--Doh!

Don'tcha HATE it when this happens?

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - The city‘s $385,000, state-of-the-art fire boat sank Wednesday, still tied up at a dock and without ever being put to use.

The fire department had not even taken ownership of the 33-foot boat because it was waiting for the manufacturer, MetalCraft Marine of Canada, to finish installing electronic equipment, department spokeswoman Dana Perry said.

Piecemakers, a.k.a. Body of Christ Fellowship

Piecemakers, a.k.a. Body of Christ Fellowhip

All about the Costa Mesa cult with links to the Fire Dept and other enforcement issues.

Piecemakers give inspectors trouble.

Daily Pilot

The latest on the Costa Mesa Piecemakers.

Tuesday, March 20

Fire without matches? Mythbusters!

Mythbusters set out to make fire without the benefit of matches. 17 minutes.

So, you want to be a pyro? Become a Pyrotechnician

Become a Pyrotechnician Welcome to the world of professional pyrotechnics!If you've ever wonderd what it is like to be up close and personal to the professional display shells during a fireworks show, or if you live for the roar of the crowd, continue reading! Whether you are interested in just being part of a fireworks display crew, or actually obtaining a California pyrotechnic operators license, this website will answer your questions.

Deadly Fire in Russia Highlights Negligence

International / Europe
Published: March 21, 2007

In a country seemingly inured to deaths in accidents and attacks, a nursing home fire that killed 62 was jarring. Click here for the tragic story.

Colorado Schools working toward code compliance 1 yr later

Cortez Journal Online - Cortez Colorado

A year after a fire inspector cited the school district for numerous violations (including 139 violations at the high school and 197 violations at the middle school) the district has almost finished correcting all of the egress issues. But first, the school district appealed. Then the inspector was fired. Here is the story.

BU steps up fire prevention education

BU steps up fire prevention education - The Boston Globe

Two off campus fires lead to the deaths of three students, the University decides to deal with the problem by providing students with a variety of fire safety training and education.

Fighting Fire With Web Help

Fighting Fire With Web Help (from This Is Hertfordshire)

The use of the web for fire prevention, education and information in England.

Monday, March 19

Che Kolasinski- Piecemakers

Orange County Weekly - Che Kolasinski 84-year-old Marie Kolasinski could be California's angriest revolutionary. Leader of a Christian-anarchist-capitalist commune called the Piecemakers, Kolasinski is a cross between Andrew Dice Clay, a Golden Girl and Timothy McVeigh. Or maybe just an angrier Ayn Rand. She mixes anti-government sentiments with biblical passages and, if upset, shamelessly punctuates her remarks with profanities. Makes it tough to do a fire inspection!

Residential Sprinkler Ordinance Passed

Prudent ounce of prevention - Fosters

McMansions in Laconia (NH) will now be required to have fire sprinklers. The ordinance requires fire sprinklers in new homes or additions 3,000 square feet or greater or situated on dead-end streets or driveways 1,000 feet long or more.

2006 Darwin Award: A Slow Burn

2006 Darwin Award: A Slow Burn

Arson for profit? A tragic tale.. of a determined man and his son.

Water or Gas? Can you tell the difference?

NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News

Novelist (27 books) David Eddings, 75, accidentally destroyed his Carson City, Nev., garage and part of his next-door office in January while he was flushing out the gas tank of his idle sports car. He said later that his intention was to remove the gasoline from the car to reduce the fire risk, but then he saw that some fluid had leaked onto the garage floor. For some reason, Eddings' curiosity about the leak (water or gasoline?) caused him to light a piece of paper and toss it onto the puddle, just to find out. "One word comes to mind," he later told the Nevada Appeal. "Dumb." [Nevada Appeal, 1-26-07]

miracle escape from fire yangında mucize kurtuluş

Miracle escape from fire yangında mucize kurtuluş Turkey...not your typical escape plan!

Fire Escape

Anything can be bought? Fire escape...priceless! Funny escape video.

One Got Fat 1963 Bicycle Safety

A group of monkey-masked kids decide to ride their bikes to the park for a picnic. Along the way, one by one, the kids are knocked out of the ride due to careless or unsafe riding. Doh!
Narration by Edward Everett Horton of "Fractured Fairytales" (Old Rocky and Bullwinkle) fame.

Fifth Gear - When an SUV rams a smaller car

The physics of car accidents...and prevention...

Recalled: First Alert OneLink Alarms

First Alert SCO500 (shown)
Date Code: 2005 JUN 15
Another alarm being recalled is SA500.

The smoke alarms drain the batteries rapidly causing a premature low-battery alarm. The alarms will continue to sense smoke and CO until the battery power terminates.

Bleach Drown or Catch Fire

Funny anime to Dane Cooks bit "Drown or Catch Fire". WARNING: Adult Language.

City fire codes for homes often lax

City fire codes for homes often lax - U.S. Life -

After the fire (that killed 10 people), code violations become apparant.

Sunday, March 18

Jacks Fact- Meeting Place

Home escape planning. 30 second reminder.

Jack's Fact: Pumper Truck

How much water is there?

Jacks Fact: Fire Hose

30 second reminder...The Ebos - Jack's Fact

Solvang fire merger criticized

Solvang fire merger criticized

Solvang Fire Dept. (mostly volunteer) is talking about merging with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. Not everyone likes that idea.

Officials want to add fire marshal position

The Facts
Brazoria County Texas has a need for fire investigations, and fire inspections. They are ready for their own Fire Marshal.

Fire Protection System Limits School Fire Damage

MyFox Colorado Bear Creek High School Closed Monday After Fire

Automatic smoke detection system alerted fire department.

A Day in the life of Eureka firefighters

The Eureka Reporter - Article: "A day in the life of Eureka firefighters"

Thought you might enjoy this!

Firefighter giving first aid to injured man is assaulted on street

The Herald : News: OTHER NEWS

Attacks on emergency service workers in Scottland increased by 43% last year!

Go forth and be a firefighter, my son

Go forth and be a firefighter, my son - Houston Chronicle

Advice on the characteristics that make a good firefighter...or a good man.

A firefighter today needs to wear many hats

Article discusses the many different duties, knowledge and skills needed by todays firefighters.

Firefighters Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Despite Marching Orders

Firefighters Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Despite Marching Orders
The FDNY used to help lead the NY St. Patrick's Day Parade. Not this year. This year they were banished to the middle of the parade --according to the article
parade organizer John Dunleavy moved them to the middle of the pack of 150,000
this year, claiming they had slowed down and showed up drunk to past parades.

Commissioner: fire departments under-funded

Commissioner: fire departments under-funded -

Pennsylvania fire departments are underfunded...impacting staffing, training, liability and ultimately, firefighter safety!

Fire at Frito-Lay plant causes minor damage, no injuries

Fire at Frito-Lay plant causes minor damage, no injuries - Houston Chronicle

When things work the way they should!!

Young Michigan Mom Rescues Son From Fire, Dies Attempting To Save Her Grandfather | March 19, 2007

AHN Young Michigan Mom Rescues Son From Fire, Dies Attempting To Save Her Grandfather March 19, 2007

The IT Crowd - Emergency Services

Emergency Services ad out of England...0118 999 88199 9119 725 3

Buddy's Junior Fire Safety Tips

Homes escape planning....burn prevention....good stuff from Buddy!

Wildfire Prevention PSA - Fuse

Only You Can Prevent...well you know!

Ambulance Crash Kills Woman - Video Library

Woman killed in crash involving an ambulance on the 91 freeway.

Wildfire Suspect To Be Arraigned On 19 New Charges - Wildfire Suspect To Be Arraigned On 19 New Charges

Including the deaths of 5 firefighters in the Esperanza fires!

Friday, March 16


Take a minute to review home electrical safety- You might find the information shocking! (This video is only 1 minute long)

Firefighter/Paramedic & Paramedic Position Available

The City of Kingsburg is currently recruiting for a Firefighter/Paramedic position and a Paramedic position. Applications may be obtained at their website

· Graduation from high school or GED equivalent.
· Possession of a valid California Drivers License, Class B (or Firefighter Restricted) within 6 months of appointment.
· Possession of a current California EMT-Paramedic Certificate.
· Fresno County Certification as a Paramedic within 45 days of appointment.
· Possession of a current CPR & ACLS Certificate.
· Possession of a Firefighter I Certificate within one year of appointment.

· Graduation from high school or GED equivalent.
· Possession of a valid California Drivers License to operate an ambulance.
· Possession of a current California EMT-Paramedic Certificate.
· Fresno County Certification as a Paramedic.
· Possession of a current CPR & ACLS Certificate

Fire Safety

Direct marketing? A new idea for Public Fire Education...

Investigators: Sacramento Train Trestle Fire 'Suspicious'

Investigators: Sacramento Train Trestle Fire 'Suspicious' - News

A 300-foot stretch of an elevated railroad trestle caught fire and partially collapsed Thursday evening, sending a dramatic wall of thick, black smoke thousands of feet into the air and disrupting rail traffic through the state capital. There are photos and videos of the fire on this site.

Rise in Alcohol Abuse by College Women

Rise in Alcohol Abuse by College Women

The girls are catching up with the boys!

Chest presses, not breaths, help CPR | - Houston Chronicle

Chest presses, not breaths, help CPR | - Houston Chronicle

CPR may be changing for heart attack victims! New research shows cardiac patients need more compressions and less oxygen...but ONLY for those w/heart attacks...breaths are still needed for other conditions.

Thursday, March 15

Classic Animated Smokey The Bear PSA

One of the earlier forest fire prevention PSAs. (more)

Wildfire Prevention PSA - Once Upon A Time

Since 1944, Smokey Bear has been the symbol of the protection of America's forests. More than 60 years later, he is still wearing his blue jeans, but his trademark line has received an update. It's now: "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires." And for good reason- the destruction of land by fire has expanded beyond just the forest.
"Wildfire" refers to any uncontrolled, outdoor fire. The year 2000 marked one of the greatest acreage losses to wildfire since 1957. Eight million acres burned that year (about the size of New Hampshire), and of that more than 3 million acres were lost due to fires caused by humans.
To renew the important message of wildfire prevention to Americans, Smokey has recently enlisted the help of Bambi. Smokey has an experienced partner in Bambi, who was actually the first face of the forest fire prevention message in 1942. FCB-Southern California, who has worked on the campaign since the beginning, featured Bambi on posters to remind us to be careful with our forests. The latest spots featuring Bambi ask us all to "Don't Let Our Forests Become Once Upon a Time."
All the PSAs direct people to to learn all about wildfires and how we can protect our forests.

Dad's t-shirt is not a good fit...

CPSC Warns About Flammable Loose-Fitting Garments Used As Children's Sleepwear WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns people not to put children to sleep in loose-fitting T-shirts or other over-size clothes made from cotton or cotton blends. These garments can catch fire easily and are associated with 200 to 300 emergency room-treated burn injuries to children annually. Loose-fitting clothing stands away from the body, making contact with an ignition source more likely. Loose-fitting, non-flame-resistant clothing allows an air space next to the body that helps keep the fire burning, possibly injuring children.

Small fire erupts at nuclear plant

Small fire erupts at nuclear plant | - Houston Chronicle

A great ending to what could have been a disastarous situation!

91-year-old man glued to roof

Police rescue 91-year-old man glued to roof | Reuters

Roof hazards....

When public presentations go bad....

When fire demonstrations go wrong! Don'tcha hate it when this happens?

Asleep at the Wheel? Two words: BUCKLE UP!

Laws of physics at work here.

2 hurt in earlier Baltimore fire exercise day before trainee death

2 hurt in earlier Baltimore fire exercise day before trainee death

Last month in Baltimore a 29 yr. old fire recruit died during a training exercise and two other recruits were hurt....there is a lot of ongoing fall out from this disaster---and training safety is the issue.

The Fire Inside - Phoenix Family Feud

Phoenix - News - The Fire Inside -

The family feud at the Phoenix Fire Department. Last year Chief Brunacini retired.....since then big changes have occured---and not everyone is happy about them. This article reveals some of the politics that go on in the fire service family....You will also find a link here to a website maintained by the Brunacinis. The forum on the site is very interesting!

Wednesday, March 14

Don't forget to flush

FirefighterCloseCalls.Com - Home of the Secret List: WHY WE MUST FLUSH HYDRANTS PRIOR TO OPERATION. Click on the link to find out what happens when we don't....Doh!

Victims sue over fire alert failures

AS a fierce bushfire swept towards his Warragamba church on Christmas Day 2001, Catholic priest John Evans battled to save it - sacrificing his own house in the process.
Father Evans is among 42 bushfire victims suing the state of New South Wales for failing to alert them to the blaze that destroyed their homes and businesses.
The residents claim they received no warnings at all that a bushfire was bearing down on the townships of Warragamba, Silverdale and Mulgoa.
As a result, more than $10 million damage was caused, with houses and businesses lost to the flames, as well as "historic homes of national significance".
Among the items lost were "pieces of Australian history", including a set of diaries penned by explorer Gregory Blaxland.
The class action is being brought against such organisations as the Rural Fire Service, NSW Fire Brigades and National Parks and Wildlife Service.
During a preliminary hearing in the Supreme Court yesterday, barrister David Nock SC said authorities "knew or ought to have known" that a bushfire was sweeping toward the towns.
"There was a failure to notify (the townships) in sufficient time so residents could minimise damage to property," Mr Nock said.
He told the court that, at 11am on the day of the blaze, members of a local Rural Fire Service were dressed "in Father Christmas suits ringing a bell" rather than preparing to fight a bushfire.
For the rest of the story click here. Source:

Although this is story is out of Australia, how long before a smiliar action is taken against a fire department in the United States?

Omaha Fire Department To Crackdown On St. Patrick's Day Overcrowding

Fire Prevention Bureau To Conduct Special Fire Code Inspections

OMAHA, Neb. -- The Omaha Fire Department announced Wednesday that it will conduct a special evening-hours fire code inspection effort on Saturday.

According to a news release, the goal will be to work with business owners in order to ensure buildings are as fire safe as they can be.

"This is especially important during highly attended events held at public assemblies, such as the scheduled St. Patrick's Day celebrations combined with the NCAA Basketball tourney," according to the release.

The release states that inspections are not expected to disrupt normal business operations, but if a critical code violation or overcrowding situation is noted, a headcount may be conducted. Source:

Fireman Sam

This is the catchy opening tune from the BBC Children's TV Show. Click here to check out the website!

Ross The Fireman

Ross the intern learns to be a firefighter. From the Jay Leno Show. Gotta love it!!!

Stupid Kid sets off Firework Over Crotch!! Funny though!!

Gives a new meaning to the term "Fire Crotch". Ouch.

Smoke Detector --Conspiracy?


Firefighter convicted in obscene material scandal may lose job

SOLON TOWNSHIP - Two years ago, Solon Township firefighter Mike Havens was convicted of attempting to distribute obscene matter to a minor. Havens addressed the Solon Township Board, where his career as a fireman was on the line at Tuesday's meeting."I plead guilty to a misdemeanor, if you look at anything else those are all accusations," said Havens.Solon Township Supervisor, Bob Ellick told the board that the severity of Havens' crime just came to his attention.Ellick then passed out the complaint filed against Havens to other board members.Havens claims he was forthcoming about the incident all along, and accused Supervisor Ellick of knowing the exact nature of the misdemeanor."You knew from the beginning and you have made an attempt to say I hid this, and it's not true," said Havens.The township board voted unanimously, charging Havens with misconduct. The fate of his job will be discussed at a hearing March 21st. Some in attendance offered praise for Havens' work and his 18 year commitment to the fire department."I voted for him as firefighter of the year and I would vote for him again today as firefighter of the year," said Solon Township Resident Reese Rickards. However, Rickards later told WZZM 13 he offered additional comments at the meeting criticizing Havens and demanded he resign.Other community members say Havens has no place in public service, and expressed more anger that nothing was done to remove Havens sooner.

For the rest of this article click here.

Amputee cleared to be Paterson firefighter

A state board ruled this morning that a man with a prosthetic leg is physically able to perform the rigorous duties of a firefighter, and the panel ordered the Paterson Fire Department to hire him.

The decision allows Isaac Feliciano, 33, to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter.

The Paterson native lost his left leg below the knee when he was a young child.

Feliciano, who uses a prosthesis, last year entered training for the Paterson department and performed well, finishing 103rd among more than 615 candidates in the physical exam. But department officials denied him a job, saying the National Fire Protection Association bars amputees from serving as firefighters.

Feliciano appealed to the state Merit System Board, part of the Department of Personnel, and was examined by doctors in January. In its decision this morning, the Merit System Board said Feliciano is "functioning at a high level of physical activity consistent with the needs of the job."

The panel also noted that no state law or rule prohibits amputees from serving as firefighters.

Paterson officials have previously said they would welcome Feliciano if cleared by the state board. Source: NJ Star Ledger

Fire 11 years ago prompted talk of sprinklers in adult-care homes

Partial protection is never effective...on a date or in a care facility....

The fatal fire Monday night in a Mocksville adult-care home occurred just six days before the 11th anniversary of another devastating fire in a North Carolina rest home.

On March 18, 1996, eight people died when an electrical outlet caught fire at Scotch Meadow Rest Home in Scotland County. It was said at the time to be the worst resident-home disaster in the state's history, and it caused state legislators to re-examine the state's rules on sprinkler systems in adult-care homes.

But although a special committee was appointed by then-Gov. Jim Hunt, the legislature never adopted most of its recommendations.

That year, the state began requiring sprinkler systems in new institutional facilities, including adult-care homes. But homes that had already opened were not required to retrofit their buildings with sprinklers.

The fire at Davie Place Residential Care in Mocksville occurred in a part of the building with no sprinklers. (Grandfather clause!!!)

To read the rest of the article click here.

Woman lit Chicago fire with money

CHICAGO - A woman told investigators that she was trying to warm her feet by lighting a dollar bill on fire when the blaze spread through an apartment building and killed four people, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Three men and a young mother died in the fourth fire, which began Saturday morning on a landing between the second and third floors of the building.

Smith told investigators that she used the dollar to start a fire because she had lost her shoes and wanted to warm her feet, Lacy said.

Smith will be held at the Cook County Jail‘s hospital facility, after Cook County Criminal Judge Colleen Hyland granted that request by Assistant Public Defender Dayna Woodbury.
Smith was identified after witnesses reported seeing an unkempt woman wearing clear plastic bags on her feet near the scene of the fires. Authorities were not certain of her age.

The victims‘ relatives filed wrongful death lawsuits Tuesday against the owners and managers of the building. They claim the building owners violated a city ordinance by failing to maintain a deadbolt locking system on its front door, which allowed Smith to enter and set the fire.

By NATHANIEL HERNANDEZ, Associated Press Writer © 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Source: Westfall Weekly News

R.I. Lawmaker Wants Repeal Of Fire Code

Remember The Station Fire? How soon some people forget!

Rhode Island - Performers can't light a single candle on the Odeum Theater's stage. The floors are concrete, the curtains flame retardant; an alarm system connects to the East Greenwich Fire Department. All in all, those who operate the historic community theater, which has drawn performers ranging from the Count Basie Orchestra to the National Shakespeare Company, think it's pretty safe.
"The most volatile appliance we have in the theater is the coffee maker," joked Frank Prosnitz, president of the nonprofit Odeum Corp.

But the theater's safeguards aren't enough to satisfy Rhode Island's stringent fire code, a set of safety rules adopted after a nightclub fire killed 100 people in 2003.

Fire officials decided last month that the Odeum must install a sprinkler system at an estimated cost of $200,000 or cut its capacity almost in half.

The resulting drop in ticket sales could close the theater, Prosnitz said.

After the 2003 tragedy at The Station nightclub, Rhode Island lawmakers adopted phonebook-size bills during a frenzy to tighten fire codes. Now a state lawmaker and several business owners wonder whether they went too far.

Rep. Joseph Trillo, R-Warwick, has introduced a bill repealing that new code, except for the provisions governing nightclubs. He argues that the costs the bills impose are too hefty for small businesses and says the state didn't need new laws to prevent the nightclub from burning - it just needed to enforce the old ones.

"The only solution to the problem is to stop the hemorrhaging, to pull the whole code," said Trillo, who owns a security business that sells burglar and fire alarms. "It's overkill."

The political will to enact the code came easily after the deadly blaze at The Station on Feb. 20, 2003, a tragedy that touched many in so small a state.

For the rest of the article click here.

Tuesday, March 13

Baghdad Fire Department-Green Zone-Baghdad, Iraq

From the Author:
All Civilian, first non-Iraqi Fire dept ever in Iraq. Covered entire Green Zone-all the Coalition forces, political personnel and iraqi civilians. We covered about 5 square miles. This is dedicated to all the US military personnel and everyone who is in Iraq away from our families.

Music Video- Take it Outside.

This video was made by a Philidelphia firefighter. Here is some of the story:
In the summer of 2005, the city of Philadelphia experienced an alarming increase in the number of people killed by fire. The majority of these deaths occurred in the home. The Philadelphia Fire Department, feeling they had a real need to better educate the public, asked A.P.E. (Artistic Perspective Entertainment) to do a fire prevention music video for the song "Take It Outside" written & performed by city firefighter & former Larsiny group member Rodney Jean-Jacques -- a.k.a. Cal Akbar.


When Firefighters go Bad....

Doesnt happen that often ...but here are a few for you...

LA County Firefighter Arrested- Suspect Allegedly Flew To Detroit To Have Sex With 5-Year-Old Ok this is ALLEGED. ugh.

Volunteer Firefighter Charged with Arson After reading this ....check out the archives on this blog and listen to the arsonist narrating his fire. Too weird.

Fire Chief Caught on the Lamb Ok this is sick. Not good sick either. Just sick sick. But different sick than the Detroit story. WARNING: ADULT CONTENT!

Entire Fire Dept Quits over Fire Station Alchohol Ban! Ok good firefighters didnt go bad here but it is a wild story!!!!

In Living Color - Jim Carrey - Fire Marshall Bill in Space

More of Fire Marshal Bill...this time in space! Enjoy!

Monday, March 12

I told you so....

A 47-year-old man was killed late at night, in February in Belle River, Ontario, when his snowmobile collided with a tree stump embedded in Lake St. Clair; the man had been waging a notorious, three-year campaign to have the stump removed from the lake because of the danger it posed to nighttime snowmobilers. [ Star, 2-5-07] From News of the Weird.

Don't Believe Everything You Read....

Do you know about, the Internet's leading urban legend site? Apparently the FDNY didn't. An FDNY chief circulated an internal memo warning department members of a "huge purchase" of United Parcel Service uniforms on eBay--perhaps by terrorists planning to pose as delivery men who could "drop off anything to anyone with dangerous consequences."

Chief Lawrence Connors told The Smoking Gun that he issued the memo to FDNY personnel after receiving intelligence information from the U.S. Army's Regional Support Command. Connors added that he was told the Army alert was triggered by information from a "credible source." Perhaps that military source needs to be reevaluated, since the uniform story is a hoax, according to spokesmen for both UPS and eBay. Sigh. Click here for the memo.

Save a Kid or Kill a Firefighter...

So the cool thing about a blog is I can RANT...I ran across this tonight...and OMG.....Save a kid ..kill a firefighter. These are DEADLY....we dont recognize them or use them here in So. California. People move too often. Kid decals or animal decals....bad idea. People need smoke detectors and esacape plans...they need to take some personal responsibility. By the time the FD gets to the burning house it may be too late for the kids anyhow! is the story and link...

Fire Safety Tool Invented By A Local Firefighter

A Portsmouth firefighter has a simple invention that may just save your child's life during a house fire.

Last year, Ryan Petty invented "Kids N Here". The product consists of two stickers that are placed on your child's bedroom window and bedroom door. The stickers alert firefighters that a child may be inside that room. That's important for firemen to know. Click here for rest of story.

Funny Headlines

Real Headlines....words have many meanings....

Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Ax
Farmer Bill Dies in House
British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands
Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
War Dims Hope for Peace
If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge
New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Chef Throws His Heart into Helping Feed Needy
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead


Where there is smoke there's....BBQ?

In January in Austin, Texas, a 45-minute delay occurred between when a nighttime 911 call was made to report a building on fire and the time firefighters arrived. According to the Austin American-Statesman, the delay could have been due to uncertainty about the seriousness of the "fire," in that the building in question, with smoke spewing from it, was Bert's Bar B-Q (which of course has smoke spewing from it frequently). This time, though, the building was destroyed. To make matters worse, the 45-minute delay in responding was even harder to take because the closest fire station is, er, in the same block![Austin American-Statesman, 1-24-07] From News of the Weird.

Santa Ana Fire Academy Proud Alumni

We received this email....thought I would share it! If you need Capt. Jones contact info let me know!

Chief Martin,

Please allow me to introduce myself and compliment your program. My name is Rick Jones. I am a Captain with the San Jose Fire Department, CPAT proctor, and proud graduate of the 52nd Academy.

Yesterday, February 10, I was proctoring the CPAT test in Dublin, California. Several of your students made the drive from Southern California to take the test. These gentlemen made an outstanding impression. They were extremely polite and courteous to all the staff. It is refreshing to see the attitude all of these young men displayed. I have seen hundreds of candidates come through the CPAT Testing Center; very few show the courtesy and respect that your students displayed. These young men made a great impression on all of the staff. I was proud to be able to tell the other proctors that I was from the same program. I have seen students from other programs come through the Testing Center, very few of them present themselves or represent a program as well as your students did yesterday. There were students from other programs there yesterday, your people performed and presented themselves head and shoulders above all of rest.

As an aging line officer, sometimes I sometimes question the quality of our recruits and their attitudes. After my encounter yesterday with your students, I have a better hope for the future of the Fire Service. In addition, I know that my expectations for our recruits and probationary fire fighters are not too high.

In Northern California we see very few Santa Ana Academy graduates. If, as I suspect, these young men are typical of what your program continues to produce, please encourage your students to apply to the various departments up here. If any of your students have questions about Departments in Northern California, feel free to have them contact me.

Please feel free to share this email with the class. I am extremely proud to call these fine young men brothers of a fine program, and look forward to the day when I can work with some of them! They will make a fine addition to any Fire Department. You and your staff should be proud of these young men that you are producing for the Fire Service.

Captain Rick Jones
San Jose Fire Department
Truck 18

Man Buys Extinguisher in Drug Fire

CHANDLER, Ariz. (AP) -- A man who started a small fire while cooking methamphetamine drove to a Wal-Mart to buy a fire extinguisher when he couldn't put out the flames, sheriff's deputies said. Read the article here......too funny!

2057 The Future!

Flying ambulences? Elevator to outer space? This stuff is REAL and is too cool!!! Check it out yourself -- the videos or the website.... have fun!!

Windy Ridge Fire Updates

Latest on the Windy Ridge fire in Orange County can be found at LA Times, and the Register --- videos here.

More Jobs!

City of Sacramento is hiring Fire Recruits (min 21 yrs w/20 units, EMT ) - numerous testing dates here for more information

City of Glendale will be running their Fire Cadet exam again this Spring. Click here for more information about this program!

Federal Firefighting/Fire Prevention jobs can be found here.

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District is hiring a Public Information Officer. Pay is
$75,000 - $84,000 annually. Final filing date is March 16. Click here for more info! -Or click here for the flyer.

City of Henderson NV is looking for Fire Inspector II. Salary is $32.99 - $37.77 per hr. More info is here.

Fire inspection/Public Education and some firefighter job openings in Florida. More info them closely...often certification isnt required until 6 months after you have been hired!

Hillsboro Or is hiring a Fire Inspector. Closing date is 3/16. Information is here.

Firefighter/EMT needed in Nampa, Idaho Closing date is 4/30 or after 300 applications have been distributed. Requirements 18 and breathing w/EMT cert. More information by clicking here!

Beverly Hills FD is hiring an inpsector. Position is open until further notice. Information is here!

Simplex/Grinnell has internship for students in Fire Technology. Check out the program here!